Shop the Galaxy’s Finest Star Wars Exclusives at SDCC 2018

Take a closer look at all the unique finds and convention exclusives before formulating your own shopping plan of attack.

We love the panels, the surprises, and the new friendships fostered by line alliances, but if you’re heading to San Diego Comic-Con this week, chances are you’re also looking forward to grabbing up some convention exclusives. We’ve gathered some of our favorite galactic selections to help you prepare a wish list, packed with porgs, pins and posters galore.

A Hasbro Chewbacca and Porgs action figure set.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Chewbacca and Porgs set
Booth #3329 and

Chewbacca’s roar isn’t so fearsome when he’s helping two soft, flocked porgs and their nest of porglets. The fuzzy set is housed in a package that carefully recreates the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, for display and play.

Other convention exclusives include The Vintage Collection Doctor Aphra Comic Set ($49.99), a striking Starkiller Base Black Series Centerpiece ($109.99), and The Black Series: Han Solo ($34.99) in Bespin gear (complete with mynock!)

The box of a LEGO Millennium Falcon Cockpit toy set, a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive.

Millennium Falcon Cockpit set

Buckle up and prepare to make the jump to hyperspace with Han Solo and Chewbacca in this special limited edition set from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

A porg and Millennium Falcon toy from Mattel Hot Wheels Battle Rollers along with its original packaging.

Hot Wheels Battle Rollers – Porg and Millennium Falcon 

A porg! In a teeny, tiny Millennium Falcon! What’s not to love?

Lando Calrissian and Lobot Christmas Tree ornaments stand beside the box from which they came.

Lando Calrissian and Lobot Keepsake Ornament Two-Pack
Booth #2913-K for ornaments and other gifts; Booth #1505 for pin set only

The respectable business man running Cloud City and his faithful, cybernetically enhanced aide join your crew of Keepsake Ornaments with original sculpts based on their first appearance in The Empire Strikes Back.

A golden BB-8 model that acts as a calendar with replaceable date and month cubes.

Other convention exclusives include a Boba Fett itty bittys plush in blister-card packaging ($18), a golden BB-8 perpetual calendar complete with an additional set of date cubes in Aurebesh ($40), and PXL8-style collectible enamel pins featuring 8-bit renditions of Leia in Boushh disguise and Han Solo in Carbonite from Return of the Jedi ($15).

Russell Walks Triptych Posters
$25 each
Booth #2913-D

Light. Darkness. A balance. Artist Russell Walks will be available at specific times Thursday, Friday and Saturday to sign his own poster trilogy depicting the prequels, sequels, and original films.

POP Star Wars: The Clone Wars Cad Bane and Star Wars: Solo Stormtrooper
$15 each
Booth #5347

The ruthless bounty hunter and blaster-for-hire Cad Bane joins a legion of bobbleheads from the Star Wars galaxy, along with a stormtrooper on patrol.

A backpack made decorated with the face of a Porg and a Jaba's palace print backpack with matching pencil case.

Porg mini backpack
Booth #5346 for the porg backpack and #2343 for Jabba’s Palace print (available only from Entertainment Earth)

Take flight with a backpack that’s as cute as the Ahch-To natives that inspired the design, from the wide-eyed exterior to a playful porg print hidden inside.

Other convention exclusives include a festive print of Jabba’s Palace ($40) on a backpack that comes with a matching nylon pencil case ($8).

A Gentle Giant Boba Fett action figure in original packaging.

Gentle Giant
Boba Fett Jumbo Figure
Booth #3513

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the notorious bounty hunter’s appearance in Return of the Jedi, the fan-favorite gets the 12” jumbo treatment, up-sizing the classic vintage figure design in the finest detail. Utilizing a digital scan for the most faithful reproduction, this figure is just like the one we remember from the toy box, right down to his non-removable rocket, 5 points of articulation and black blaster rifle.

A bust of Yoda designed on the original concept art.

Other convention exclusives include two new mini busts depicting Jedi Luke Skywalker with a green, switch activated light-up lightsaber ($120) and a Concept Yoda ($100) inspired by the original artwork that helps designers develop the iconic look of the beloved Jedi Master.

A set of vividly colored Star Wars enamel pins, including a porg and an AT-AT.

The toymaker will also debut a new line of enamel pins including 2” pins depicting a dianoga, porg, and AT-AT ($6), and a set straight from Ahch-To showcasing the thala-siren and a delicious bottle of fresh green milk ($12). There are also two lines inspired by the vintage Kenner action figures: the Cantina Adventure Boxed Set packed together in a retro-inspired box ($24) and a larger, 3.75” blind box variety styled after the original wave of action figures ($20 each).

A B-Wing Starfighter Limited Edition toy on a stand.

B-Wing Starfighter Limited Edition Version 1/72 Scale Model Kit

No Rebel Alliance fleet is complete without a B-Wing starfighter, a diminutive yet highly detailed part of the model ship line.

A Topps trading card featuring Luke Skywalker on Hoth.

Physical Trading Cards
$20 per set
Booth #2913-R

This limited edition set of 199 brings back the classic 1977 blue star field Topps Star Wars trading card design and pairs it with new photos never-before-seen in this format. Collect all 5: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett.

Other convention exclusives include the Topps Digital App giveaways of one “Outlaw Oath” exclusive insert per day featuring Lando from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Rebellion PerfectShaker
Booth #2913-X

A woman’s place is in the Rebellion.

A Millennium Falcon Sabaac card style pin.

Millennium Falcon Card Pin
Booth #2913-F

Show your love for Lando’s pristine and notoriously fast ship with this exclusive pin.

Other convention exclusives include a complete set of movie logo pins ($25), and droid inspired jewelry sets ($25 each).

A Nixon brand Boba Fett inspired watch in its original packaging.

Boba Fett Watch
Booth #2913-S

Keep track of your schedule and your next bounty with a watch reminiscent of Boba Fett’s personalized armor. Just remember: no disintegrations.

Chewbacca bumper sticker
Booth #2913-O

All your ride needs is a pair of lucky dice hanging from the rearview mirror and this bumper sticker.

An action figure of Anakin Skywalker holding a lightsaber in the fires of Mustafar.

Hot Toys Anakin (Dark Side Version)
Booth #1929

Pick up this exclusive figure to reenact the epic battle on Mustafar. Just make sure you have the high ground.

There will be plenty of other convention exclusives, like yet-to-be-revealed Stance sock designs  (Booth #2913-N), giveaways, and promos. And attendees can be among the first to spot new pieces like a special Clone Wars collection from Her Universe and Our Universe (Booth #2913-T), the Heroes & Villains apparel and accessories line from BioWorld (Booth #2913-C), and other new and beloved items from Fifth Sun (Booth #2913-Y), Seven20 (Booth #2913-L), TeeTurtle (Booth #2913-G), Robe Factory (Booth #2913-B), Wilson (Booth #2913-E), Fantasy Flight Games (Booth #2913-H), DPW (Booth #2913-I), Del Rey (Booth #2913-J), efx (Booth #2913-M), UB Tech (Booth #2913-P), HJC (Booth #2913-Q), Stern Pinball (Booth #2913-V), Otterbox (Booth #2913-W), and Terez (Booth #2913-Z).

Check out our handy guide HERE for a complete list of SDCC Star Wars exclusives and first-to-market items! All Star Wars, all the time.