SDCC 2014: Star Wars Collectibles Panel – Liveblog

eFX, Gentle Giant Studios, Kotobukiya, and Sideshow Collectibles are all here to talk about upcoming Star Wars products. Follow along with our liveblog!

1:00: The panel begins! A video plays of a Yoda puppet reenacting a scene from Empire Strikes Back.

1:04: eFX is now discussing the Ralph McQuarrie stormtrooper helmet. Looks beautiful — just like the concept designs. The Yoda puppet seen in the video is coming — it was actually based off an original Yoda puppet head.

1:06: Stuart Freeborn, the designer of the original Yoda puppet, had held on to all the puppet assets. The eFX team was able to borrow some of those assets, as well as robes from the Lucasfilm Archives, to help create their replica. The prototype is on display in their booth.

1:09: Sideshow now discussing their Sixth Scale line: Fives from The Clone Wars and Scout Trooper are coming! Artoo and Threepio are also joining the line; Artoo will have lights, gadgets, and lots of surprise features.

1:11: Luke Skywalker (pilot) and TIE fighter pilot are coming to the Sixth Scale line.

1:12: In the 1:5 scale McQuarrie Artist Series, stromtrooper, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett have been revealed. The Premium Format line: Commander Cody, Savage Opress, and Boba Fett are coming! Cody and Opress are on display in the Sideshow booth.

1:14: Darth Vader and stormtrooper are also joining the Premium Format line!

1:16: In the life-size figure line, Vader, Yoda, and Han in carbonite are confirmed. Sideshow is giving away a life-size Han in carbonite — find out more at!

1:17: Now onto Kotobukiya! In the ARTFX+ line, Han and Chewie from Episode IV are coming. “We’ve been getting a lot of requests to do the characters from A New Hope.” Next will be Luke and Leia. Coming in 2015!

1:19: R2-M5 limited edition, with collectors coin, is coming fall 2014. A Barnes and Noble exclusive.

1:20: The ARTFX line is coming back! Kicking it off will be Vader from Empire Strikes Back. It’s early, but his base may include sounds and lights. Coming 2015. Also just announced, a snowtrooper 2-pack of ARTFX+ statues.

1:21: K-3PO ARTFX+ statue is coming, also a Dagobah 2-pack of Yoda and Artoo and Obi-Wan from A New Hope!

1:22: Surprise figure — a female stormtrooper ARTFX Bishoujo statue! Only shown in silhouette.

1:23: Sandwich shapers! Cut your PB&J sandwiches into stormtrooper helmets, Vader, and more. Awesome. Also coming: Star Wars egg shapers. Also awesome.

1:25: Gentle Giant takes the stage. Lots coming, including Star Wars Rebels maquettes. Now playing a preview video, featuring the McQuarrie concept Luke mini-bust, Amidala mini-bust, Endor trooper mini-bust, Wedge mini-bust, Porkins mini-bust, and R2-KT mini-bust. More jumbo retro figures! Han from Empire, Leia as Bouschh, Wicket, Admiral Ackbar, Hoth Leia, and more — including Jabba! The Rebels maquettes are shown, including Ezra and Chopper, Inquisitor (scary looking), and Zeb. AND — life-size retro figures! Huge versions of Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and stormtrooper.

1:30: Now onto Q&A.

1:35: Will there be a Bioushojo Slave Leia? It’s come up, but not in the plans right now.

1:36: Does fan opinion count for Kotobukiya? “Definitely…we look at forums and stuff like that to see what fans want to see.”

1:37: Will Sideshow do a bounty hunter series? They’ve done bounty hunters in the Sixth Scale, and may do more.

1:39: Is the eFX Yoda puppet operable? Yes! You will be able to manipulate it like a real puppet in the final version.

1:40: Did eFX work with puppeteers on their Yoda? Not yet, but they are in talks.

That’s it! Thanks for joining us!