MLB Feels the Force in 2017

See the full schedule of Star Wars-themed games coming this year!

It’s Star Wars Day, and Major League Baseball is kicking off a year-long celebration of a galaxy far, far away.

The Seattle Mariners and Boston Red Sox are both hosting Star Wars Night this evening, with special giveaways, events, costumed characters, and more. Teams across the league will also host Star Wars Day/Night throughout the season, and you can check out the schedule below!

  • 5/4 Seattle Mariners
  • 5/4 Boston Red Sox
  • 5/5 Cincinnati Reds
  • 5/6 Atlanta Braves
  • 5/13 Milwaukee Brewers
  • 5/26 SF Giants – Star Wars 40th Anniversary
  • 5/27 Washington Nationals
  • 6/8 Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 6/9 Houston Astros
  • 6/21 Philadelphia Phillies
  • 6/21 Minnesota Twins
  • 6/24 Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 6/24 Tampa Bay Rays
  • 7/7 LA Dodgers
  • 7/22 Colorado Rockies
  • 7/26 St. Louis Cardinals
  • 8/25 NY Yankees
  • 8/26 Chicago White Sox
  • 8/31 SF Giants
  • 9/3 Texas Rangers
  • 9/10 Kansas City Royals
  • 9/15 Anaheim Angels
  • 9/16 Detroit Tigers
  • 9/23 Oakland A’s
  • 9/30 SF Giants

Giveaways will be unique for each game — here are just a few of the Force-filled items you can look forward to:

Atlanta Braves: R.A. Dickey stormtrooper bobblehead

SF Giants: Madison Bumgarner Jedi baseball, 5/26 Star Wars 40th anniversary giveaway

Tampa Bay Rays: Kevin Kiermaier X-wing pilot bobblehead

Tickets are on sale now, so make the jump to lightspeed and get yours before they sell out. Fans are encouraged to dress in costume as their favorite characters, and/or gear up for the game with official co-branded merchandise featuring Star Wars characters and their favorite teams. Hope to see you all — Jedi, rebels, princesses, Sith, stormtroopers, and scoundrels — at the ballpark.

Photo courtesy Seattle Mariners. All Star Wars, all the time.

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