Check Out All of Marvel’s Star Wars Pride Month Covers – Exclusive

This June, the House of Ideas and Lucasfilm will celebrate the LGBTQ+ characters of the galaxy far, far away.

As announced in March, Marvel and Lucasfilm will mark Pride Month in June with a powerful series of variant covers honoring the LGBTQ+ characters of Star Wars. The art will grace every title in Marvel’s Star Wars line, and each piece has been created by gay and transgender artists; the covers also feature title treatments with a rainbow burst, and a classic Star Wars logo with a rainbow trail. is thrilled to offer a first look at the entire slate of covers: Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters #1, featuring our favorite rogue archaeologist, Doctor Aphra, by artist Babs Tarr; Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #13, which showcases Yrica Quell, vaunted pilot and leader of Alphabet Squadron, by artist Jacopo Camagni; Star Wars: Darth Vader #13, celebrating Imperial commander Rae Slone, by artist JJ Kirby; Star Wars: The High Republic #6, with Jedi twins Terec and Ceret, by artist Javier Garrón; Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #11, depicting bounty hunter/smuggler Sana Starros, by artist Jan Bazaldua; and Star Wars #14, which highlights Star Wars icon Lando Calrissian, by artist Stephen Byrne.

“As part of the community of LGBTQ+ creators — a galaxy not so far away — I am honored to be part of this project,” Bounty Hunters #13 cover artist Jacopo Camagni tells “Sketching Yrica Quell was a journey to expand that endless galaxy, on board with her as rebels against the Empire.”

“Being invited to portray these two amazing characters was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t let slip away,” says The High Republic #6 cover artist Javier Garrón. “It’s a chance to highlight what I love about them and Star Wars: it’s an endless universe, immensely diverse and inclusive. With each story its limits are shattered and it becomes richer, more interesting and more fun to explore. So I wanted to draw Terec and Cerec as the powerful characters they are, filled with determination and hope. Because that’s what a great Jedi means to me. And representation matters.”

See all the covers below!

Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters #1 Pride VariantStar Wars: Bounty Hunters #13 Pride VariantStar Wars: Darth Vader #13 Pride VariantStar Wars: The High Republic #6 Pride Variant Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #11 Pride Variant Star Wars #14 Pride Variant All Star Wars, all the time.

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