Flashback to a Top-Secret Mission in Marvel’s Star Wars: Obi-Wan #4 – Exclusive Preview

As the Clone Wars rage, Obi-Wan and Anakin are called in to handle a troubling development.

Not all Jedi missions are on record.

Marvel’s Star Wars: Obi-Wan miniseries has found the legendary Jedi Master recounting key events from his life in his personal journals — previously untold tales from his days as a youngling, Padawan, Jedi Knight, and now, Jedi Master. 

In StarWars.com’s exclusive first look Obi-Wan #4, Kenobi flashes back once again, this time to the Clone Wars. But this memory is of no ordinary assignment. Here, Obi-Wan and Anakin are selected for a troubling mission: one not to be documented and that involves an old friend… 

Obi-Wan #4, written by Christopher Cantwell and illustrated by Madibek Mesabekov, with a cover by Phil Noto, arrives August 31 and is available for pre-order now on ComiXology and at your local comic shop.

Star Wars: Obi Wan 4 Cover Star Wars: Obi Wan 4 Page 1 Star Wars: Obi Wan 4 Page 2 Star Wars: Obi Wan 4 Page 3 Star Wars: Obi Wan 4 Page 4 Star Wars: Obi Wan 4 Page 5

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