Solving a Ritual Murder in Marvel’s Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #18 – Exclusive Preview

As Aphra is about to discover, it's more technological marvel than ritualistic magic.

As Doctor Aphra says, everything she touches she tends to ruin.

In’s exclusive preview of Marvel’s Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #18, the rogue archeologist and Sana Starros stumble into yet another macabre masterpiece left behind by her enemy, Kho Phon Farrus.

Doctor Aphra #18, from writer Alyssa Wong and artist Minkyu Jung, with a cover by Sara Pichelli, arrives January 19 and is available for pre-order now on ComiXology or at your local comic shop.

Doctor Aphra #18 preview 1 Doctor Aphra #18 preview 2 Doctor Aphra #18 preview 3 Doctor Aphra #18 preview 4 Doctor Aphra #18 preview 5

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