There’s a New Bounty in Marvel’s Doctor Aphra #6 – Exclusive Preview

Treasure hunting is a complicated profession.

No matter how hard she tries, Doctor Aphra always seems to find herself in the same situation: on the run.

Following her encounter with Ronen Tagge — which didn’t work out too well for the scion of the Tagge dynasty — Aphra has won the sizable ire of Ronen’s aunt. In’s first look at Marvel’s Doctor Aphra #6, the powerful Lady Domina puts a price on the head of the rogue archaeologist. And this time, Aphra might not be able to talk her way out of it…

Doctor Aphra #6, from writer Alyssa Wong and artists Ray-Anthony Height and Robert Gill, with covers by Leinil Francis Yu and Jen Bartel, arrives November 25 and is available for pre-order now on Comixology and at your local comic shop.

Doctor Aphra #6 variant coverDoctor Aphra #6 cover Doctor Aphra #6 page 2 Doctor Aphra #6 page 3 Doctor Aphra #6 page 4 Doctor Aphra #6 page 5 Doctor Aphra #6 page 6 Doctor Aphra #6 page 7

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