Jedi Knight Revan Joins Galaxy of Heroes

The Star Wars Show gives you the first glimpse at the new in-game event, a pile of porg news, and more!

Next week, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes players embark on an ancient journey with a new type of event featuring a Jedi warrior of legend.

In continued celebration of the 15th anniversary of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the event allows you to unlock that enigmatic masked hero of the Jedi Civil War — Jedi Knight Revan!

The “Legend of the Old Republic” event begins October 18 with a series of six events loosely based on the Knights of the Old Republic storyline, plunging players deep into familiar locales like the sewers of Taris and the ancient Sith tomb on Korriban.

For more details, click here, and check out today’s episode of The Star Wars Show for a glimpse at the event, a firsthand look at the Our Star Wars Stories panel at New York Comic Con last weekend, and more porgs than you can stack inside a trench coat when we dive into ILMxLaAB’s new Star Wars: Project Porg and chat with Chewie and the Porgs author Kevin Shinick. All Star Wars, all the time.

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