Utinni! This DIY Jawa Picture Frame Rocks

Make a picture frame perfect for your photos of banthas, Mos Eisley, and more.

Jawas are master scavengers, so it’s only fitting that a Tatooine-themed craft requires the kids to do a little scavenging of their own! The kids can head out into the summer sun to hunt for some of the items needed to create a Tatooine scene on a one-of-a-kind photo frame.

What You Need*

•    Wooden picture frame
•    Three oval-shaped, small brown rocks
•    Black, yellow, brown, and light blue washable paint
•    Craft sand
•    5/8” circle hole punch
•    Yellow and orange construction paper
•    School glue
•    Hot glue gun
•    Paintbrushes

*The activities in this article should only be done with adult supervision.

Get Started!

Send the kids outside to find three small, brown, oval-shaped rocks. Wash the rocks and let them dry.

Next, paint small black ovals at the top of each rock for the Jawas’ faces. Let dry.


Dip the end of a paintbrush into the yellow paint. Use the end to make two dots on each rock for the Jawas’ eyes.


Next, paint the top 2/3 of the wooden picture frame light blue for the Tatooine sky. Let dry.


Use the brown paint to make bandoliers across each Jawa. Let dry.


Spread a thin layer of the school glue on the bottom third of the picture frame, slightly overlapping the edge of the blue paint.


Sprinkle the craft sand over the glue, pressing lightly to adhere it to the frame. Let the glue dry.

Shake the excess sand from the frame. Glue more sand on any bare patches as needed, and let dry.


Use the hot glue gun to attach the three Jawa rocks on the bottom middle of the picture frame. Make sure the rocks don’t go over the bottom edge of the frame, or it won’t be sturdy enough to stand.


Punch a circle out of the yellow and orange construction paper with the 5/8” hole punch. Glue the two circles in the top corner of the frame to create Tatooine’s binary suns.

Let all glue dry. Your Jawa frame is done and ready to show off your favorite photos. Utinni!

Kelly Knox is a freelance writer who loves creating crafts with her daughter. Follow her on Twitter at @kelly_knox, and take a look at her blog the st{art} button for more Star Wars art projects and craft ideas.

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