Spend a Day with Chewie and the Porgs with This Read-Along and Rock-Painting DIY

Join Joonas Suotamo for a read-along of the fun book, then bring our favorite Wookiee and Ahch-To critters to life with this easy craft!

Chewie and the Porgs, written by Kevin Shinick and illustrated by Fiona Hsieh, is a delightful adventure set on Ahch-To. Funny, sweet, and packed with art that’s both gorgeous and hilarious, this picture book is sure to be a hit with anyone who has a soft spot for porgs. (Which is just about everyone.) Let’s give a Wookiee roar for Chewbacca himself, Joonas Suotamo, and listen as he reads this porg-tastic tale.

In the book, Chewie isn’t fooled by the porgs pretending to be rocks on the grassy island. Paint these rocks with your kids and play hide and seek in your backyard to pretend you’re on Ahch-To!

Chewie and the Porgs cover

Chewie and the Porgs Painted Rocks

What You’ll Need*

  • Medium oval-shaped rocks
  • Black, white, brown, blue, and pink acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes

*The activities in this article should only be done with adult supervision.

Get Started!

Step 1: Begin by washing the rocks and letting them dry completely.

Step 2: While the rocks dry, look through the picture book and pick your favorite expressions for both Chewbacca and the porgs to use as inspiration — or think of your own!

Chewie and the Porgs craft step 3

Step 3: Next, paint one rock completely brown for Chewbacca, and the other brown on the sides for the porg. Paint a curved, v-shaped point on the top of the porg rock. Set aside Chewbacca for now.

Chewie and the Porgs craft step 4

Step 4: Paint the middle of the porg rock with white paint and let dry.

Step 5: Next, use the black paint to make the porg’s big round eyes, smile or frown, and nose. 

Step 6: Once the black paint is dry, use the white paint to make the reflections in the porg’s eyes.

Step 7: Finally, mix together the black and white paint to make grey, and add feathers to the porg’s belly. 

Chewie and the Porgs craft step 8

Step 8: Let the porg dry completely.

Step 9: Now that Chewbacca is dry, use the white paint to make two half-circles for Chewie’s eyes at the top of the rock.

Chewie and the Porgs craft step 10

Step 10: Paint a small black oval for his nose and use the pink paint for his mouth.

Step 11: Use the blue paint to create Chewie’s irises, and then the black paint for the pupils.

Step 12: Paint a small oval of grey paint on the nose.

Chewie and the Porgs craft step 13

Step 13: Paint two small fangs on Chewbacca’s mouth and add reflections to his eyes with the white paint.

Chewie and the Porgs craft step 14

Step 14: Finally, use the black paint to draw Chewbacca’s fur. 

Chewbacca and the porg are ready to play! 

Chewie and the Porgs craft final

You can use these painted rocks to play hide and seek by hiding them in the grass, play pretend to reenact your favorite part of Chewie and the Porgs, or use them as decoration in your garden. They’ll all feel right at home in the great outdoors.

Chewie and the Porgs is available now.

Kelly Knox is a Seattle-based freelance writer who loves creating Star Wars crafts with her daughter. Follow her on Twitter at @kelly_knox.

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