Inside the New Disney Infinity-Inspired Star Wars Toybox Figures

Based on the hit game's stylized designs, these Disney Store and exclusives are a welcome surprise.

If you were a fan of Disney Infinity and its beautiful figures, you’re in luck. Disney Store and just launched an exclusive line of action figures based on Disney Infinity designs, and they’re stunners. For Star Wars, wave one consists of Rey, Kylo Ren, and First Order stormtrooper (never before released as a Disney Infinity figure), all featuring 14 points of articulation, accessories, and sculpts that stay completely true to their origins while incorporating new details, like Kylo Ren’s Force-grip. e-mailed with Damon Nee, director of product development at Disney Consumer Products, to discuss the launch of the line and more. Like a lot of fans, I loved the Disney Infinity figures. So I was thrilled when I saw these, especially because I’d always wanted posable versions of those toys. What can you tell us about the decision to bring the Disney Infinity designs into action figure form?

Damon Nee: The appreciation of the Disney Infinity character and world design, as well as the execution and quality of the figures, is universal. All of my colleagues in the design field, as well as my kids, absolutely love the Infinity figures. When we at Disney Store were considering an action-figure solution that could stretch across our portfolio, tapping into the Disney Infinity world made a ton of sense.

A toy Kylo Ren figurine with lightsaber extended. The sculpts are beautiful. How did you handle staying true to the original designs while adding your own elements, like the way Kylo Ren’s hands are posed, or Rey’s facial expression?

Damon Nee: The design team has been able to leverage a lot of the development from the game and have used these resources to inspire and shape our product development of the Toybox action figures. We take into consideration that we are translating what are, in essence, beautiful small-scale statues into articulated action figures. The objective is to add points of articulation that maximize movement and posability while taking steps to not disrupt the aesthetic.

When designing each figure, the team takes into consideration the personality and story for each character. Facial expression and hand gestures are big part of that. We think about what kind of poses we want to ensure the character can perform as well as what are the most important and appropriate accessories. We have learned a lot in our first wave of figures. We will continue to refine the articulation and push the playability of the action figures while being respectful to the source material.

Additionally, we want there to be a certain amount of interchangeability in the use of accessories.  Each figure should be able to hold as many of the other figure’s accessories as possible. This allows our guests to open up the way they play. Blasters and lightsabers, hammers and webs [for the Marvel figures] should be able to be held by most of the Toybox action figures.

A stormtrooper figurine with blaster. We never got a Disney Infinity stormtrooper figure, but thanks to Toybox, we have one now. What made the team decide to include the stormtrooper in wave one?

Damon Nee: Character selection is something that the teams deliberate on over and over. With a franchise like Star Wars, there are just so many characters to choose from. We do want to offer characters in each wave that relate one another, and in this first wave we had an opportunity to offer one of the most iconic character groups in the Star Wars universe. We also now have our first Toybox “army builder” with the First Order stormtrooper!

A Rey toy figurine wields a lightsaber. What might the future hold for the line? Any chance we’ll get characters from The Last Jedi in this style?

Damon Nee: The hope is for the Toybox action figures to span far and wide across the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm brands. We will be delving beyond what figures were developed for the video game. Look for synergy opportunities with new films in addition to the inclusion of classic characters and brands. We are all so very excited about the potential for Toybox and have all kinds of ideas as to how far we can take it.

Toybox figures are available now at Disney Store and

Photos by Amanda Jean Camarillo.

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