How to Throw a Star Wars Halloween Party

Celebrate Halloween with snacks and decorations that are strong with the spooky side of the Force.

It’s the spookiest time of year, when mynocks fly high and dianogas creep low. Halloween and Star Wars are a perfect fit — just incorporate creatures and strange treats to transform your festivities into the scariest party in the galaxy. Here’s how.


This dark side party is definitely all about a dark theme so play it up with a black-hued backdrop, tablecloth, and tulle. Make a party banner by printing out “Trick or Treat” in Aurebesh and adding a few black and gray pom poms for texture.

No Halloween party is complete without treats. It’s easy to take normal everyday snacks and transform them by using beakers, jars, and glass to make them look positively frightening. Add chalkboard signs to make sure your guests know exactly what they’re eating and a few white pumpkins for a muted color.

Licorice whips make perfect dianoga tentacles…just imagine being slowly pulled under the surface by black licorice. Terrifying! Gummy worms are an ideal stand-in for tauntaun entrails, which are actually pretty tasty.


If Force lightning was really made of rock candy, being attacked might not be so bad.


Give mini Corellian ships a black paint job to create your own ominous canisters out of mason jars. Place the painted toys on top of jars to create creep-worthy containers then fill them up with rancor jerky, silver gumball Death Stars, and sandwich cookie TIE fighter wings.


When in doubt, add a monster to the mix! A glass cloche is the perfect way to display your beloved Star Wars creatures. This poor one-armed wampa is surrounded by “bones” — which are actually pieces of sweet coconut strips.

Get inventive with your own favorite treats to trick your party guests into having a creepy dark side party this Halloween!


DIY Corellian Ship Jars

You’ll need:

2-inch mini Star Wars ships

Mason jars and lids

Black acrylic paint






Paint the toys until completely covered. You may need two coats. Let dry completely.


Separate the lid and circular piece of the mason jar lid, paint both until covered, let dry.


Once the pieces are dry, place a small amount of glue on the bottom of the painted ship and place onto the flat lid until set.

Fill the jars with treats, add the flat lid, then the circular lid to close.


Aurebesh Banner:

Print out these Aurebesh letters to make your Trick or Treat banner.




Halloween cloche

Halloween black gauze cloth

Black party banner (Note: The below link is for a chalkboard banner; in this case, trace the Aurebesh letters above in chalk. Otherwise, print the letters, cut, and paste onto your banner.)

Black and gray pom poms, Halloween beakers, white pumpkins


Now you’re ready for Star Wars Halloween party that even a Sith would find spooky.

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