Ghosts of Star Wars Holiday Blogs Past

Ho ho ho (as Jabba would say)! Celebrate the holidays Star Wars-style.

Life Day has come and gone (and we hope you had a great one), but the holiday season isn’t over! To quote everyone’s favorite boots-wearing, magical, bearded old man — Count Dooku — “This is just the beginning!” has always been active around the holidays, with videos, blogs, and crafts to help celebrate the season. So, just like getting the decorations out of the attic, we’re going into the archives for some of our best content that only comes once a year. Check them out below and enjoy!


The Rose Bowl Star Wars Spectacular Highlights


Holiday Traditions, Star Wars-Style by Amy Ratcliffe

Who’s Who in the Star Wars Holiday Special Cantina by Tim Veekhoven and Kevin Beentjes

Star Wars, Christmas, and Droidels! by Steve Sansweet

The Best Holidays and Celebrations in the Galaxy…and Empire Day, Too by Tim Veekhoven and Kevin Beentjes

Christmas Troopers: A Little Naughty, Mostly Nice by Albin Johnson

Christmas in the Stars (the Star Wars Christmas Album) by Steve Sansweet

Marching with the Maker: A 501st Legion Reflection by Albin Johnson

The Sears Wish Book and Star Wars Toys’ Real Value by Brad Ricca

Star Wars in the UK: 1977, the First Star Wars Christmas by Mark Newbold

A Bowl Full of Hutt by Katie Cook


DIY Wookiee Life Day Wreaths by Amy Ratcliffe

How to Make a Wampa Cave Shadow Box by Jennifer Landa

DIY Winter Star Wars Sun Jars by Tessa Braun All Star Wars, all the time.