Fully Operational Fandom: The Star Wars Collector Within Us All, Part 2

Meet some major Star Wars collectors and see their incredible displays!

Back in September, I showcased the collections of a few Star Wars enthusiasts, and it’s time to continue that series. Collector is a word with myriad definitions. I know collectors who focus their sights on attaining every item in a single series, such as the Star Wars Disney Vinylmation figures. I know collectors who limit themselves to gathering posters and other paper media. I know collectors who go after every piece they can find and collectors who pick up random items that make them smile. I’m sure you know all these types of collectors and more.

Though I’ll highlight smaller and more specific collections in future installments, this time around I talked with owners of sizable and wonderfully displayed collections. Archon Revuge and Eric Pfeifer each have impressive (most impressive) but different methods for showing off their Star Wars collectibles; both of them make me want to add a room to my house so I can expand my collection.

Archon Revuge 2

Archon Revuge started collecting at a young age. He first saw A New Hope on a 14-inch screen in 1996 when he was nine years old. Days later he took his entire savings and a little extra from his parents to purchase his first ever piece of Star Wars merchandise. It was an Action Fleet Darth Vader TIE Fighter from Micro Machines. He added more vehicles in the following months, but he hit the jackpot when Christmas rolled around because that’s when he received his first few 3 3/4 inch action figures.

Archon Revuge's Collection 9

Archon Revuge's Collection 1

While Archon is a fan of basically anything with a Star Wars logo, he says his collection is loosely focused. “In particular, I’m a big fan of miniature vehicles and figures (especially those from the Micro Machines and Action Fleet lines), 3 ¾-inch action figures, Star Wars LEGO, and Expanded Universe novels. I don’t follow any particularly rigorous procedure when deciding what new items to purchase, but I am a completist so I’m always looking to pick up characters and vehicles that fill gaps in my collection.” He most recently added a Darth Vader Christmas decoration from Hallmark.

Archon Revuge's Collection 6

Archon Revuge's Collection 7

Archon Revuge's Collection 8

Happily, Archon doesn’t have to keep any of his collection in storage. “My entire collection is on display, though this becomes more and more difficult as it grows! The hardest part is displaying everything in an appealing way, while fitting in as much as possible. And, of course, because I’m a package-opener there’s always an enormous amount of dusting to be done!”

If you ever feel like doing more dusting, all of my figures need a good cleaning. Just saying.

Action Figure_resized

Eric Pfeifer started collecting indirectly before he even saw Star Wars. He was about five years old when his uncle gave him the vintage figures he played with as a kid. Once Pfeifer saw the films, all he cared about collecting was Star Wars memorabilia. He said he purchases a little bit of everything: “My collection includes anything and everything Star Wars. Some of the items include: Costumes, store displays, art, statues and busts, books, toys, movie props, autographs, vintage items, and clothing. If it is [related to] Star Wars and it looks cool, I will be very likely to purchase it.”


Autograph Room_resized

He can’t remember what his first purchase was but knows he had a ton of the Kenner figures from the ’90s. His latest addition was a costume: “My most recent large purchase was Adrianne Curry’s custom Slave Leia bikini. Adrianne wore the bikini around conventions and shows and when I saw that it was for sale, I jumped on the opportunity to add it to my collection. I also competed in the Star Wars Rebel Challenge/Half Marathon [a runDisney event] and was able to add the medals to the walls!”


Like many collectors, he fights the constant battle of stuff vs. available space. Most of his items were packed away until a year and a half ago, but he recently moved into a larger home. “I just moved into a five bedroom house. I have room for most of my collection and each room is themed to keep everything organized. I have an action figure room, paper room, autograph room, art gallery, convention room, household room, treasure room, library, and more. Other than my Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D billboard, my collection is all on display. One challenge [of having a large collection] is finding places for all the items. Even with a five bedroom house, making room for everything is still hard. Another challenge is the cost of making everything look nice. Frames, nails, lights, shelves, tables, and cleaning supplies add up. It is all worth it in the end when you get to show your collection to people who really appreciate it.”

Convention Room-resized

Do you collect? Tell me about your most recent acquisition. My newest baby is the sixth scale R2-D2 from Sideshow Collectibles. I’m currently training him to serve me miniature beverages.

Amy Ratcliffe is a writer obsessed with all things Star Wars, Disney, and coffee. You can follow her on Twitter at @amy_geek and keep up with all things geeky at her blog.