Valance and Han Solo Fly TIEs in Marvel’s Bounty Hunters #8 – Exclusive Preview

The cyborg bounty hunter recalls a mission with the future rebel hero. It didn’t go too well.

Even in his younger days, Han Solo could impress and frustrate from moment to moment.

In’s exclusive first look at Bounty Hunters #8, we glimpse a mission from Beilert Valance’s time in the Empire, as he and his squadron of TIEs evade pursuers. And among his fellow Imperial cadets is none other than our favorite nerf herder…

Bounty Hunters #8, from writer Ethan Sacks and artist Paolo Villanelli, arrives December 23 and is available for pre-order now on Comixology and at your local comic shop.

Bounty Hunters #8 cover Bounty Hunters #8 preview 1 Bounty Hunters #8 preview 2 Bounty Hunters #8 preview 3 Bounty Hunters #8 preview 4 Bounty Hunters #8 preview 5

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