Recover from the Summer Heat with this Bacta Tank Root Beer Float

Celebrate National Root Beer Float Day on August 6 with a drink that is good for what ails you -- including wampa attacks.

The summer heat can be sweltering and can really drain the life out of you. Sometimes the only way to get back on your feet is to recover with a healing bacta tank.

Just in time for National Root Beer Float Day on August 6, this bacta tank is filled with refreshing blue root beer and topped off with a curative scoop of cold-as-Hoth ice cream. Nothing makes you feel more like your old self than an invigorating swig of restorative root beer.

A blue Bacta Tank root beer float with a scoop of ice cream on the rim of the glass.

Bacta Tank Float

You’ll need:

Bacta tank Luke printout from (approximately 6-inches depending on glass size)

An empty bottle, a glass of blue liquid and a lightsaber stirrer.


12 ounces root-beer flavored seltzer soda (clear)

Blue food gel dye

Vanilla ice cream

How to:

Print out the Luke in a bacta tank image to fit your glass. Printing the image darker helps it show through.

Tape the image to the back outside of the glass. Set aside.

In a container mix the root beer flavored seltzer soda with a touch of blue food gel dye. Pour into the glass, top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to serve.

Han Solo, Princess Leia, and C-3PO watch Luke Skywalker in the Bacta Tank.

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