5 Tips to Survive Star Wars Battlefront II‘s Ewok Hunt…as a Stormtrooper

Assistant producer Michael Dailey will help you last through the dark Endor night in Imperial armor.

A single beam of light breaks through the bleak Endor darkness. Your pulse quickens, your breathing heavy inside your stormtrooper helmet, as you race through the forest, dodging underbrush and the debris of downed ships and transport vehicles. Your only mission: Survive the night until help can arrive.

But there, shrouded in the eerie night, is a squat creature with glistening eyes wielding a spear. And he’s not alone.

This is Ewok Hunt, the new mode for Star Wars Battlefront II. Debuting last week, Ewok Hunt drops players onto the forest moon shortly after the Battle of Endor to fight it out as either a furry Ewok or an armored Imperial. Recently, StarWars.com spoke with Battlefront II assistant producer Michael Dailey to get survival tips for those loyal to the Ewok cause. Today, he defects to the Empire to help you succeed in fighting off the native threats and making it to the rescue shuttle.

A Stormtrooper is taken down by a group of Ewoks in Star Wars Battlefront II.

1. Stormtroopers are legion. Use that to your advantage.

The iron fist of the Empire summons its strength from the sheer number of stormtroopers ready to be deployed into combat. “For the Imperials, great strength comes from having greater numbers,” Dailey says. “Try not to wander off on your own, as it is much easier for the Ewoks to sneak up on a lone stormtrooper.” That means if you can avoid any delusions of grandeur or other distractions, you’ll have more success on your mission. “Sticking together with your teammates and working together to cover each other’s backs will greatly increase your chances of survival.”

2. You still can’t see a thing in these helmets.

Sure, they can build a planet-decimating Death Star, but night-vision gear doesn’t seem to be high up on the Imperial to-do list. “At night, the forests of Endor are dark. Very dark,” Dailey says. “You will need to rely on your blaster-mounted flashlights to see your surroundings clearly.” Even then, the flashlights are no match for evolution and natural adaptation. Plus, they only stay active for a limited time before they go into cool down mode. “Proper flashlight management is key; if you disable your flashlight prior to the charge running out, the ability will fully recharge at a faster rate than when you let it run out completely.”

Ewoks prepare to fight stormtroopers in Star Wars Battlefront II.

3. Seriously, a good flashlight may be all that stands between survival and becoming the main course at an Ewok celebration feast.

With a little luck, you should stumble across one of the many discarded supply crates leftover from previous tactical ops on the forest moon. The crates are packed with valuable upgrades like a heavy blaster rifle as well as explosives, but it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. “The increased firepower is nice, but the most important upgrade might be the improved flashlight on the DLT-19, which never runs out of charge,” Dailey says. Grab your gear and move out.

4. Don’t underestimate the power of a wily Ewok.

It turns out ancient weapons are sometimes a match for a good blaster at your side. The Ewoks have the home turf advantage here, and they’ve left behind scattered tripwire traps all over the map, which move around and vary from game to game. “Always be on the lookout,” Dailey warns. “If you end up triggering a trap, rocks suspended in the trees will fall.” The ensuing avalanche will deal significant damage to your gleaming white armor, and make you more vulnerable to the swift strike of an Ewok attack.

5. You made it to the rendezvous, but freedom might not be as close as you think…

Keep your wits about you long enough and the Empire will send in an evacuation shuttle to rescue you and your squad from the onslaught. You’re being rescued! But the fight isn’t quite over. “Your first instinct will likely be to take off running for the shuttle, but be careful,” Dailey says. “The evac location will appear on screen for all of the Ewok players, as well,” inviting one last skirmish. “Be patient and try to make sure the coast is clear before you attempt to board the shuttle, otherwise you might find yourself on the receiving end of many Ewok spears.” Ouch!

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