5 Tips to Survive Star Wars Battlefront II‘s Ewok Hunt…as an Ewok

Assistant producer Michael Dailey provides some helpful intel for taking out stormtroopers.

It’s the dead of night. Invaders dressed in a uniform of imposing white armor stalk the forests of your home. It’s hunt or be hunted. So you do what any proud warrior would: you put on your hood, grab your spear, and yell “Yub nub.”

Ewok Hunt, a new mode for Star Wars Battlefront II, arrives today and it is cause for an Ewok-level celebration of dancing, fireworks, and drumming on stormtrooper helmets. You play as Endor’s furry occupants and stalk Imperial bucketheads in the cover of night — or try to survive as a stormtrooper, fending off menacing Ewoks until evac arrives. StarWars.com has played the mode (which comes with the Night on Endor update), and is happy to report that it’s really fun and legitimately scary. To mark the release of Ewok Hunt, StarWars.com spoke with Battlefront II assistant producer Michael Dailey to get some survival tips for those loyal to the Ewok cause. Check them out below; they might just save your fur. (And for those looking to eliminate those troublesome furballs, stay tuned for some stormtrooper tips.)

Ewoks prepare to fight stormtroopers in Star Wars Battlefront II.

1. You’re an Ewok. They’re on your home turf. 

“As natives of the forest moon, Ewoks have a distinct advantage over the Imperial intruders,” Dailey says. “They can see better at night.” This means you should stick to the shadows. Move quickly. Wait for stormtroopers to make a mistake. “When playing as an Ewok, never forget the stormtroopers must rely on their flashlights to see clearly in the dark. Use the darkness to your advantage and wait for the perfect opening to strike.” Pro-tip: try sneaking up on stormtroopers. Backstabbing a buckethead with a spear does more damage than a frontal attack.

2. Ewoks have abilities that humans don’t. Use them.

As seen in Return of the Jedi, Ewoks have a keen sense of hearing, sight, and smell. That’s reflected in Ewok Hunt. “The Ewok’s Hunter’s Instict ability significantly improves your ability to perceive the environment,” Dailey says. “Stormtroopers and their recent footprints are highlighted to allow you to better track your enemies across the map. The ability also highlights the traps and Ewok tree huts scattered across the map, which both provide environmental advantages to Ewok players.” It’s good to be an Ewok.

The Ewok village from Star Wars Battlefront II.

3. Pay a visit to the Ewok village.

In Ewok Hunt, there are huts at the base of certain trees that will take you up into the Ewok village. Only Ewoks can use these huts — stormtroopers have to find ramps. That’s a tactical game-changer. “Approaching these huts will allow you to quickly traverse up the trees and into the Ewok village,” Dailey says. “Once you have the high ground on your enemy, use it to your advantage. As an Ewok, you can jump from elevated areas and perform a lethal plunging spear attack, eliminating any stormtrooper in a single blow.” Fun for the Ewok. Absolutely terrifying for the stormtrooper.

4. Remember Wisties from Caravan of Courage? They’re your new secret weapon.

The glowing fairy-like beings from Caravan of Courage are back, and they prove very useful. “To help defend their home from the Imperial intruders the Ewoks and Wisties have joined forces,” Dailey says. “The Ewok ability Wistie Pouch launches a pouch of Wisties in the direction of your target; on impact, the Wisties will emerge, both dealing damage and disorienting any stormtroopers in the area of effect. Stormtroopers tend to find strength in numbers, frequently grouping together to improve their chances of survival, but with this ability you can send them scattering. Then, once separated, you pick them off.” Ewoks and Wisties: a deadly combination.

5. Yes, you have an actual Ewok battle horn. But use it strategically.

Any Ewok supporter worth their weight in Republic credits knows the sound of an Ewok battle horn. It’s imprinted in our brains from Return of the Jedi. And a version of it is in Battlefront II, thankfully. The Valiant Horn, as it’s called, increases the damage you deal and provides you with improved damage resistance — both useful in attacking an unsuspecting stormtrooper. But be careful when you break out this Ewok instrument. “There are some scenarios where the element of surprise is more valuable than the increased power,” Dailey cautions. “Remember, the stormtroopers will hear your horn and know you are coming. Think carefully about what approach will be best before attacking your targets.”

Good luck out there, Ewoks.

Dan Brooks is Lucasfilm’s senior content strategist of online, the editor of StarWars.com, and a writer. He loves Star Wars, ELO, and the New York Rangers, Jets, and Yankees. Follow him on Twitter @dan_brooks where he rants about all these things.

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