5 Reasons Why Chewbacca is the Best Friend in the Galaxy

Few are more loyal, kind, and brave than our favorite Wookiee.

In any universe, there are few who are as loyal and true as Chewbacca. He’s been a fighter for his home planet of Kashyyyk, a member of the Rebellion, and a vital part of the Resistance, making the Wookiee one of the most significant beings in the galaxy.

Whether he’s an ally for just a short time or a lifelong companion, Chewbacca gives his all to the lucky people in his life. Ahsoka Tano, Yoda, Han Solo, and Rey were just a few of the friends he’s made and the lives he saved along the way. (What a Wookiee!) Here are just a few ways we think Chewie is both the BFF and MVP of Star Wars.

Chewie and Ahsoka in "Wookiee Hunt"

1. Chewbacca is a good judge of character.

When the Force brings someone who needs help into his life, Chewie knows that helping others is the right thing to do — especially when he’s in a bind himself. From Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano to Imperial washout Han Solo, Chewbacca had a feeling that they were good friends to have, even when they were in just as much trouble as he was.

Chewbacca and Ahsoka crossed paths in the third season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, in the episode “Wookiee Hunt.” As the Padawan and her fellow younglings evaded Trandoshans hunting them for sport, a similarly captured Chewbacca encountered them. He knew they had to work together to survive, and he and Ahsoka learned quickly they could count on each other. 

Chewie in Solo: A Star Wars Story

2. He is always open to his friends’ ideas, no matter how outrageous.

And he is surprisingly flexible. Chewbacca is always willing to listen to what potential new friends have to say before pulling their arms off. (Which was lucky for Han Solo during that brawl in the mud on Mimban.) He followed the lead of the captive Padawans on the planet Trandosha, gave young Luke Skywalker’s plan a chance on the Death Star, and almost always gave Han Solo a begrudging agreement to any of his harebrained schemes.

Chewie and C-3PO in The Empire Strikes Back

3. And he always has their backs. 

Chewie’s devotion extends to everyone in his close circle. No matter how much the others complained about C-3PO, he still considered the golden droid his friend. Only Chewie thought to look for Threepio when he went missing on Cloud City in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The Wookiee didn’t give up on his friend, either, and eventually found him and pieced him back together.

Chewie has his friends’ backs at all times, even literally carrying C-3PO on his own back during their harrowing escape from the Empire’s clutches. Whether his friends need his help to be put back together or someone to be the muscle in a fight for their lives, Chewie is there for them.

Chewie and Han in The Force Awakens

4. He shows how much he cares. 

Chewbacca is a towering powerhouse, but it’s his thoughtfulness that is his strongest trait — especially when his lifelong pal Han Solo is involved. From a concerned pat on the head after Han was released from carbonite to picking up Han’s coat from the floor on Starkiller Base in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Chewbacca displays his affection in surprising ways.

And those trademark Wookiee hugs? Talk about the warm fuzzies!

Chewie and Rey flying the Millennium Falcon

5. Chewie is the best co-pilot anyone could have.

There’s no one else you’d want in the co-pilot seat next to you. Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Rey all flew at his side with a smile. Weave through asteroids? Chewie could do that. Fix the hyperdrive? He could do that, too. A brilliant engineer, fast thinker, and problem solver, Chewie has gotten both the Millennium Falcon and its pilots out of a jam when they needed him the most on more than one occasion. 

It’s easy to dismiss Chewbacca as a vital part of Star Wars because he doesn’t talk much, but keep an eye on the Wookiee the next time you watch your favorite movie with Chewie in the co-pilot seat. You’ll notice a true friend, partner, and hero. The galaxy wouldn’t have been saved without him.

Kelly Knox is a Seattle-based freelance writer who loves creating Star Wars crafts with her daughter. Follow her on Twitter at @kelly_knox.

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