Mon Mothma in the Galactic Senate during The Clone Wars

In the last years of the Galactic Republic, Mon Mothma represented Chandrila in the Senate. Though a Loyalist Senator, Mothma worried about Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s accumulation of power and the militarization of the Republic.

Mon Mothma standing with Senators Organa, Farr, and Amidala

Mothma allied herself with like-minded Senators such as Alderaan’s Bail Organa, Rodia’s Onaconda Farr and Naboo’s Padmé Amidala. But their efforts to curb Palpatine’s powers proved largely in vain.

Mon Mothma during the waning days of The Clone Wars

In the final months of the Clone Wars, Mothma and Organa laid the groundwork for resistance to Palpatine’s rule, fearing that he would refuse to give up the emergency powers granted during the fight against the Separatists. After Palpatine declared himself Emperor, Mothma remained in the Senate, but worked in secret with Organa to unite rebellious movements into an Alliance to restore the Republic.


The Ghost flying with the Rebel starfleet

Mon Mothma became an enemy of the Empire following her public condemnation of Palpatine. It was her final act as senator, but also her first act in truly organizing a rebellion. Shortly after, the Ghost crew escorted Mothma to a secret location; there, she put out a call for other rebel cells to join her. A flurry of ships came to her signal, and the Rebel Alliance was born.

Mon Mothma on Yavin IV

In the years ahead, Mothma would shepherd the Rebel Alliance from a secret base on Yavin 4. But the need to strike strongly against the Empire became urgent when the Alliance learned of an Imperial superweapon. Mothma tasked Jyn Erso, daughter of Death Star weapons architect Galen Erso, to contact extremist rebel Saw Gerrera, as well as her father, in an effort to discover a weakness in the battle station. Ultimately, the leading council of the Rebellion would vote not to attempt a covert operation to secure the plans; Erso, with a small band of rebels, took matters into their own hands and went to Scarif, home of the Imperial data center that housed the Death Star schematics. When Mothma discovered this deception, she did not block it. Instead, she readied the rebel fleet to support Erso and receive the data transmission, resulting in the plans coming into the care of Princess Leia Organa.


Mon Mothma strategizing the Battle of Endor with prominent Rebel leaders

In rapid succession, the Emperor disbanded the Senate and Bail Organa died when the Death Star destroyed Alderaan. Mothma went into hiding, serving as the political leader of the Rebel Alliance.