Ackbar in "The Clone Wars"

During the Clone Wars, Ackbar served as captain of the Mon Calamari Guard, protecting and counseling Mon Cala’s young Prince Lee-Char. Ackbar served alongside Lee-Char as Mon Calamari forces fought Separatist-aligned Quarren, but his greatest service to his planet was helping Lee-Char become a strong leader. 


Ackbar leading the Alliance Starfleet

A generation later, Ackbar led the Alliance starfleet, carefully avoiding all-out confrontations with the Empire and keeping the rebels a step ahead of their pursuers. But when Bothan spies revealed that the Emperor was personally overseeing construction of a second Death Star at Endor, Ackbar realized a showdown loomed in the Galactic Civil War.

Ackbar overseeing the Rebel attack on the Death Star II

Ackbar oversaw the rebel attack, coordinating with starfighter operations led by Lando Calrissian and Wedge Antilles. When he realized that Endor was a trap, his first response was to retreat – but Calrissian persuaded him that the rebels had to buy more time for the commandos trying to destroy the Death Star shield generator. Ackbar threw his ships against the Imperial fleet, appalled by the loss of life. The delaying tactic was ultimately successful, as Calrissian and Antilles destroyed the Death Star.


Grand Admiral Ackbar in the Resistance base on D'Qar

Promoted to Grand Admiral, Ackbar led the New Republic’s fleets against the fragmenting Empire. The Mon Calamari won many victories, culminating with the Imperial defeat at Jakku. Ackbar retired to his homeworld a hero, but was called back into service with Leia Organa’s Resistance when the specter of the Empire threatened the galaxy once again.