Younglings, Enroll Now: Disney’s Jedi Academy Comes to Hong Kong

The Jedi can finally study abroad.

Disneyland’s prestigious Jedi Academy is now offering courses at Hong Kong’s iconic Times Square, in a limited promotion that will lead into a large-scale, multi-phase exhibition featuring the entire Star Wars saga. To mark the occasion, a special TV spot was produced, featuring fun action and a few surprises:

The spot combines the look and feel of Star Wars with Hong Kong film elements, and introduces TV and film star, Aarif Lee, as the country’s first Jedi. Lee even takes on Darth Vader…but he doesn’t do it alone.

Star Wars Hong Kong commercial

The arrival of the Jedi Academy is particularly special because it was originally only offered at US Disney theme parks. Now, even more younglings from the ages of 6-12 can learn the secrets of the Force and join the Order. The dark side doesn’t stand a chance.

The next big initiative is the Star Wars fan parade at Hong Kong Disneyland on July 27. This will likely be the biggest Star Wars parade in Asia, with over 110 members of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion from nine different Asian territories. Even the Naboo will be impressed.

Taken together, it’s reason for fans everywhere to be excited, as new Star Wars experiences reach a new generation and audience.

Kong Kong Star Wars All Star Wars, all the time.

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