We Love Forces of Destiny Season 2 – Part 4

Leia wields a lightsaber, Ahsoka teaches Ezra a lesson and more when StarWars.com checks out the latest episodes from Season 2!

Luke and Leia. Finn and Rey. Ahsoka and Ezra.

The second season of Star Wars Forces of Destiny is all about reuniting beloved characters in the latest exciting animated shorts available now on Disney’s YouTube channel.

Scroll down to see the last three episodes and read up on our favorite highlights and memorable moments celebrating life’s smaller victories and the way our everyday choices ultimately shape us. Then tell us what you think of the new episodes from Star Wars Forces of Destiny, which will debut on the Disney Channel in a TV special on May 25.

Episode: “Perilous Pursuit”

In a relentless snowspeeder chase across Starkiller Base, Rey and Finn work together to make their escape.


The jacket!

We love when these shorts act as deleted scenes to our favorite films and this one is no exception. Now we finally know why Rey was briefly wearing Finn’s jacket in The Force Awakens! Her Jakku garb isn’t quite warm enough for a daring escape on snowy Starkiller Base.

Switch places. 

Are you sure you don’t want Rey to fly? Sorry, Finn, but navigating the forest requires the kind of piloting skill that our favorite scavenger is known for.


And outsmarting the First Order with perfectly aimed blaster fire? That’s a job for Big Deal himself.

Episode: “Traps and Tribulations”

Luke and Leia work together to help a pair of Ewoks by resetting their traps to stop a rampaging creature.


The Gorax.
It’s a trap! And Luke is the bait. Didn’t he just leave this party in the rancor pit on Tatooine?
Luke igniting his lightsaber…
Mark Hamill returns to voice the iconic hero and wields the green blade he fashioned for himself.
And sharing the elegant weapon with his twin sister.
Leia with a lightsaber! Need we say more?

Episode: “A Disarming Lesson”

Ahsoka encourages Ezra to find his inner strength during a lightsaber training exercise.


Jedi Master Snips?

When she left Anakin and the order, she was but the learner. And even though she’s no Jedi, Ahsoka proves that she could have been a great master and teacher.

Kanan never taught him like this!

The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. But Ezra is not a Jedi yet, and in this vignette he still has much to learn.

A valuable lesson.

If Ezra concentrates, he can anticipate and evade an opponent even without a weapon. It’s an important exercise in finding multiple solutions to the problem at hand.

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