Topps’ Star Wars Chrome Perspectives Series Pits Jedi Vs. Sith

Jedi and Sith battle once trading-card form!

While General Grievous was a collector of Jedi lightsabers, you can now collect the next best thing: Jedi AND Sith trading cards!

Topps’ new Star Wars Chrome Perspectives series is an expansive collection focusing on the Force users of a galaxy far, far away, with more than a few surprises (including sketch and autographed chase cards!). The set consists of 150 cards total, broken down as follows:

  • (100) Base Cards profiling characters from across the Star Wars universe
    • 50 Jedi Temple Archive cards and 50 Sith Domination Guide cards
  • (10) Sith Fugitives Insert (1:2)
  • (10) Jedi Hunt Insert (1:4)
  • (10) Sith Propaganda Insert (1:8)
  • (10) Jedi Information Guide Insert (1:12)
  • (10) Jedi Training Insert (1:24)
  • Chrome Medallions (1 per box!)
    • Features the greatest Jedi vs. Sith battles
    • Gold (# to 25), Silver (# to 100) and NEW Bronze (# to 250)
  • Sketch Cards in a Chrome frame (8,000 total)
  • Chrome On-Card Autographs
    • X-Fractor (50 per subject), Gold Refractor (10 per subject), and NEW Superfractor (1 per subject) parallels
  • 3 Double Autograph Cards (3 each) (NEW) and 2 Triple Autographs (5 each)
  • Printing Plates (700) and Autographed Printing Plates (4 per subject)

Check out the different styles and card types in Star Wars Chrome Perspectives, and prepare to make General Grievous very jealous!

Stay tuned to for more on Star Wars Chrome Perspectives! All Star Wars, all the time.