Topps Announces Star Wars Rebels Trading Cards and More – Exclusive!

The first-ever Star Wars Rebels trading cards and a new line of Star Wars Wall Art products are on the way!

New Topps Star Wars products are set for release, including a trading card series that Grand Moff Tarkin would definitely not approve, and much more. has the exclusive reveal below!

Collect the Rebels

Trading cards are a huge part of Star Wars history — and now the Ghost crew will join that tradition!

Topps announced today the Star Wars Rebels Trading Cards, a beautiful new series that tells the story of the hit show. The set features 100 base cards with stills taken directly from Star Wars Rebels episodes, 20 stickers, and 10 temporary tattoos. The card designs and fonts match the look and tone of the show, making them uniquely Star Wars Rebels; each pack will contain six cards and retail for $1.99. Based on the images below, we think even Chopper would be excited to collect them.

Star Wars Heavy Metal

For fans looking to add a touch of a galaxy far, far away to their home decor, Topps has the answer: Star Wars Wall Art. Kicking off the line is the 1977 Topps Star Wars Metal Wrapper Collection, which features stunning retro-cool imagery. They’re made of aluminum, measure 10″ x 14″, and will retail for $99.

Also available in the Wall Art line is a series based on Topps’ fan-favorite Star Wars Masterworks high-end trading cards. They feature a gold frame, also measure 10″ x 14″, and are printed on a rigid ultra-high gloss UV coated trading card stock.

Stay tuned to and for more on Topps’ Star Wars products! All Star Wars, all the time.