The Star Wars Show Is Here!

Lucasfilm's official digital variety show on all things Star Wars kicks off today.

Are you ready for all Star Wars, all the time…seven minutes at a time, once a week? Then you’re ready for The Star Wars Show. 

The digital variety series launches today, showcasing the passion of the fan community and the latest happenings in the Star Wars galaxy directly from the source. (It also features a pretty cool mouse droid.) Shot at Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco, hosts Andi Gutierrez and Peter Townley unveil the latest headlines from a galaxy far, far away and chat with special guests to explore all things Star Wars.

The Star Wars Show will release every Wednesday at 12 p.m. PT on the official Star Wars YouTube channel,, the official Star Wars app (available on iOS and Android), and Star Wars social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. So don’t worry. If you’re on planet Earth and have access to the Internet, you will have some way to watch it.

“There’s an abundance of Star Wars news and information right now and for the foreseeable future,” Mickey Capoferri, senior director of content and programming at Lucasfilm said. The Star Wars Show will be the place for new and old fans to engage with every aspect of the franchise in fun and authentic ways.”

The Star Wars Show will cover exclusive news and stories about Star Wars films, television shows, books, comics, video games, merchandise, toys, fan culture, art, and more. Special guests including celebrity superfans will be featured weekly to talk about their fandom, reveal never-before-seen footage, offer behind-the-scenes looks, and more. In other words, if it’s Star Wars, it’ll be on The Star Wars Show.

Stay tuned to for more on The Star Wars Show! All Star Wars, all the time.