6 Answers The Rising Storm Delivers…and 7 Questions It Raises

The new adult novel in the Star Wars: The High Republic series leaves us wondering: How will the Republic recover?

The Great Disaster was just the beginning.

Now that Star Wars: The High Republic: The Rising Storm has been out for over a month, we’ve had time to let it all soak in. All the thrills. All the chills. And yes, all the feels. In The Rising Storm, author Cavan Scott dives deeper into the mythology of the High Republic, and reunites us with familiar characters and new heroes and villains. In the second adult novel in the initiative, the world Scott builds on the heels of Charles Soule’s first entry in the series, Light of the Jedi, is a bit deeper and a bit darker. And while the book does provide fans with a handful of answers, it leaves readers with even more questions! Here’s your guide to what we know and, more importantly, what we can’t wait to find out.

Spoiler warning: This article discusses details and plot points from The Rising Storm. 

Star Wars: The High Republic: The Rising Storm sover

6 Answers The Rising Storm Delivers

1. Chancellor Lina Soh’s targons know how to kick butt.

When we were first introduced to the Chancellor’s fearsome duo, Matari and Voru, we knew they were a force to be reckoned with. But it’s not until chaos breaks out at the Republic Fair that we get to see the pair wreak havoc on Lina’s enemies. We definitely wouldn’t mind having them by our side in a fight!

A scene from "Deal No Deal"

2. The Togruta have a unique (and tenuous) relationship with the Republic.

While we’ve been introduced to the montral-adorned species in characters like Shaak Ti and Ahsoka Tano, it’s not until The Rising Storm that we get a glimpse into their unique culture. The Shili dwellers don’t immediately buy into Chancellor Soh’s vision for the Republic, but after the events of the Republic Fair, it’s safe to say Regasa Elarec Yovet is on her side.

3. The Jedi do, in fact, form attachments.

The Jedi of the prequels preach against attachments, but the Jedi of the High Republic seem to think of things a little differently. Whether it’s Elzar Mann’s deep connection to Avar Kriss (and his fiery relationship with Republic Fair organizer, Samera Ra-oon) or Stellan Gios’ heartbreaking, holo-vid-worthy scene cradling Chancellor Soh’s injured body, the Jedi of old care very deeply. And they’re not so afraid to show it.

Bell Zettifar and Charhounds

4. Ember is the best co-pilot since Chewbacca.

A furry friend in a co-pilot seat is a Star Wars mainstay, and charhound Ember’s loyal support is a perfect example. While Bell Zettifar continues to struggle with the loss of his master, Loden Greatstorm, throughout The Rising Storm, Ember is there every step of the way — even acting as a lifesaving companion in the cockpit of a Jedi Vector!

the Nihil

5. The Nihil don’t waste any time when it comes to filling job vacancies.

Light of the Jedi saw the destruction of Kassav Milliko, one of the three Nihil Tempest Runners. In The Rising Storm, we find that his spot wasn’t empty for long. We’re introduced to Zeetar, a mech-suit-wearing Talpini who makes up for his short stature with truly diabolical vim.

Star Wars: The High Republic concept art - Marchion Ro

6. We now know what Marchion Ro was after.

The Leveler. But, really, that just poses the biggest of our 7 questions still leaving us curious after The Rising Storm…

7 Questions The Rising Storm Raises

1. What is the Leveler?

It’s a scary, beastly thing that has devastating consequences for Loden and Bell. But what actually is it? Scott is tight-lipped about any further details, but it’s safe to assume this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this Jedi-killing nightmare.

2. What’s up with that lightsaber-disabling machine?

One of The Rising Storm’s subplots revolves around a mysterious engineer and her cobbled-together (and very dangerous) contraption that, when turned on, reduces lightsabers to fancy flashlight handles. Only time will tell if this will pose yet another hurdle for the Jedi of the High Republic to overcome.

3. What about Mari San Tekka?

We first meet Mari in Light of the Jedi, and while she’s referenced several times in The Rising Storm, she remains quite a mystery. Now that some of the Nihil know Marchion isn’t, in fact, the gatekeeper of the Paths, Mari is sure to have a pivotal role to play in future High Republic stories. In fact, you can read more about her now in Out of the Shadows.

4. Is Pan Eyta dead?

Last we see of Pan he’s poisoned, clinging to life, and launching himself in a tiny escape pod to avoid a space battle. Lourna Dee (and Marchion Ro for that matter) certainly think he’s a goner, but this is Star Wars. No one’s ever really gone and even bisected Sith Lords have a way of popping back up. And, we have it on good authority that there’s more to his story in the audio original Tempest Runner.

5. How will the Republic recover from the Republic Fair disaster?

The massacre at the Republic Fair will be an event not soon forgotten. It showed the hubris of the Republic, and by proxy, Chancellor Soh herself. But it also shed some light on the fallibility of the Jedi. They can’t, actually, save the day all the time. The Great Disaster of Light of the Jedi may have sparked the events of the High Republic, but it seems the Republic Fair disaster is the conflagrine on the flames.

Elzar Mann

6. How will Elzar deal with his brush with the dark side?

He tried to enlist the help of lightsaber-for-hire Ty Yorrick, but when she chose a different path, Elzar turned to his most trusted friend, Stellan. And while Stellan certainly acted as a caring friend, what’s next for this dynamic duo? And even more importantly — what happens if, or most likely when, Avar finds out?

7. Will Kitrep Soh and Jom Lariin be able to make a long-distance relationship work?

The endearing side-story of Chancellor Soh’s son, Kip, and his budding romance with Valon mayor Nas Lariin’s son, Jom, was a touching ray of hope during the grim happenings of the Republic Fair. With Starlight Beacon making galactic communications a bit easier, we can only hope these two can make it work.

Star Wars: The High Republic: The Rising Storm is available now.

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