The Resistance Comes to Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornaments Series

BB-8, Han Solo, and Poe Dameron's X-wing are coming to battle First Order tree decorations everywhere.

Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren have already brought the tyranny of the First Order to your ornament collection. Thankfully, Hallmark is sending the heroes and vehicles of the Resistance to combat these evil forces.

Three new Keepsake Ornaments from Star Wars: The Force Awakens will arrive exclusively in Hallmark stores and at next year, revealed here at BB-8, Han Solo, and Poe Dameron’s T-70 X-wing. Get a first look below!

Han Solo and the X-wing as well as others inspired by the Star Wars saga will go on sale at Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornament Premiere event in July, while BB-8 will become available at Keepsake Ornament Debut in October.

Just be sure to keep a couple of branches on your tree free for the good guys. All Star Wars, all the time.