We’re Rewatching The Mandalorian Season 1!

Join us as we reexamine Chapters 1-8 ahead of the debut of Season 2 on October 30 only on Disney+.

“This is the Way.”

Just four little words — and eight chapters from the debut season of The Mandalorian on Disney+ — changed the way we look at Mandalorians forever. As we prepare for all-new adventures featuring the Mandalorian and the Child starting next week, we’re rewatching the first season!

Join us as we discuss our favorite moments from the journey so far in Bounty Hunting Highlights, a series beginning Monday, Oct. 26, on StarWars.com. Each day through Oct. 29 we’ll delve into two chapters from Season 1. Let us know your favorite characters, quotes, and themes, as you watch along with us! Then tune in for brand new episodes from Season 2 streaming on Oct. 30 only on Disney+!

Chapter 1: “The Mandalorian”

Chapter 2: “The Child”

Chapter 3: “The Sin”

Chapter 4: “Sanctuary”

Chapter 5: “The Gunslinger”

Chapter 6: “The Prisoner”

Chapter 7: “The Reckoning”

Chapter 8: “Redemption”

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