Bounty Hunting Highlights: 6 of Our Favorite Moments from The Mandalorian – “Chapter 4: Sanctuary”

Heartfelt talks and hardened fists rank among our favorite moments in the fourth chapter from Season 1 of the Star Wars live-action series now streaming on Disney+.

There’s a lot to love in the gritty world of  The Mandalorian. In preparation for Season 2, premiering October 30, Bounty Hunting Highlights will explore our favorite moments, both big and small, from the stunning, Emmy Award-winning, live-action Star Wars series now streaming on Disney+. Watch along, for the first time or as part of your own rewatch, and tell us about your favorite moments in the comments!

This installment took our hero and the Child on a detour to a simple village out in the wilds of a new peaceful planet. But, as always seems to be the case, trouble soon found the masked warrior. And even though it was not his fight, he and his new frenemy Cara Dune stepped up to help the locals defend themselves.

Guess they won’t get a moment of peace after all… Here are six of our favorite moments.


1. Idealism shattered.

It’s a gorgeous opening scene, with bright cinematography showcasing the idyllic village and a soothing soundtrack that’s a departure from the tonally dark world of the series so far. So it only makes sense when it all comes crashing down in the first few minutes, shattered by the arrival of the thugs who threaten their very existence.

Cara Dune dueling The Mandalorian

2. Cara Dune versus the Mandalorian.

Equally matched, the two weary fighters end up in a knock-down, drag-out sparring brawl in the mud, fearful that the other is tracking them as prey. With the crunch of Cara’s knuckles on the Mandalorian’s helmet, we quickly discover that she’s an adept fighter who’s not about to give up (and apparently is so tough even beskar armor doesn’t hurt her).

Omera and The Mandalorian

3. A tender moment.

There’s an unspoken connection between the widow Omera and the Mandalorian. Through her compassionate, inquisitive nature, we learn about the sacrifices the warrior has made to follow the traditions of his adopted people, and a little more about his past. She’s a symbol of an alternative way of life, a quieter place in the galaxy for the mercenary and his charge. But despite this tenderness, he is still set on following the code, having kept his helmet on in front of others since he was just a child. “This is the Way.” Later, she offers one more chance, placing her hands on either side of his face to help him lift the helmet to no avail.

A scene from The Mandalorian CH 4

4. A massive footprint.

The Empire may be gone, but there are remnants throughout the galaxy. Among the discarded tech, marauders have now helped themselves to the parts to modify a menacing AT-ST raider, terrorizing villagers into giving up their harvests. But the first hint the Mandalorian and Cara see of this towering machine isn’t its glowing red eye-like windows peering out from the forest — it’s a footprint, discovered by the keen hunters.

Cara with sniper rifle

5. Mirror, mirror.

The Mandalorian is used to working alone, so collaborating with Cara Dune and a village full of 20-some scrappy farmers isn’t exactly in his comfort zone. But we know he’s grown to trust her when he hands off his sniper rifle and allows Cara to take point, hiding in the water as her military training takes over. It’s a moment that mirrors the opening scene, with Omera and Winta cowering under a basket in the water, waiting out the raid. But Cara’s crouching serves a more strategic purpose than mere survival.

Cara and The Mandalorian

6. “I saved him. My job is done.”

If not for the explosive blaster fire of Cara Dune making quick work of the bounty hunter who’s come to finish the job and blast the Child, the Mandalorian may indeed have left his charge on Sorgan. His intent is admirable — having seen the Child happy for the first time since he secured the little one, the warrior is trying to give the kid the best chance at a good life. But as long as the Child is the target of the bounty hunters’ wrath, he won’t be safe.

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