Bounty Hunting Highlights: 6 of Our Favorite Moments from The Mandalorian – “Chapter 2: The Child”

A spitting-mad mudhorn and a teamwork montage are some of our favorite scenes from the second episode in Season 1 of the Star Wars live-action series, now streaming on Disney+.

There’s a lot to love in the gritty world of  The Mandalorian. In preparation for Season 2, premiering October 30, Bounty Hunting Highlights will explore our favorite moments, both big and small, from the stunning, Emmy Award-winning, live-action Star Wars series now streaming on Disney+. Watch along, for the first time or as part of your own rewatch, and tell us about your favorite moments in the comments!

After that unexpected turn at the end of Chapter 1, we couldn’t wait to see what happened next on The Mandalorian. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to wait long.

Instead of finishing the job, in the second episode the Mandalorian and his pint-sized quarry had a side adventure stranded on the desert planet of Arvala-7. In Chapter 2 of the Star Wars live-action series, now streaming on the Disney+, the mysterious masked warrior bonds with his bounty and even gets closer to the brusque Ugnaught Kuiil, all while getting knocked down again and again. Here are six of our favorite moments.

The Mandalorian versus jawas

1. The Mandalorian versus the Jawas.

Grubby scavengers don’t seem like they’d be much of a threat to a fierce Mandalorian warrior, but safely secured in their rolling sandcrawler fortress, ferrying away the parts they’ve just stripped from the Razor Crest, they easily have the upper hand. Soon, the warrior is flat on his back and defeated, not unlike the crippled remains of his once impressive ship.

A scene from The Mandalorian CH 2

2. “This is what was causing all the fuss?”

As Kuiil the Ugnaught and the Mandalorian discuss the sad state of his ship, the Child toddles along happily after the wildlife. It’s a moment that resonates with anyone who’s ever watched over a curious kid who thought everything on the planet should be deposited directly into their mouth.

Jawas trade with The Mandalorian

3. “Weapons are part of my religion.”

The Mandalorian’s discussion with the Jawa elder put the masked warrior in the awkward position of needing to barter rather than blast his way out, and it’s clear he’s uncomfortable with the shift from aggressive negotiations to diplomatic solutions brokered through broken Jawaese. Lucky for both sides, Kuiil is there to help them find a compromise — the parts in exchange for a juicy mudhorn egg. Yum!

The Mandalorian versus mudhorn

4. The Mandalorian versus the mudhorn.

He just can’t catch a break. Securing the delicious snack for the Jawas proves harder than the Mandalorian imagined. Judging by the bones littering its cave dwelling and the swiftness with which he once again ends up on his backside, the warrior may indeed have met his end if not for a little help from his newfound friend.

Kuiil and The Mandalorian on the Razor Crest

5. A montage!

Speaking of friends, initially it seemed Kuiil was helping the Mandalorian for selfish reasons — getting him to his quarry would mean the Ugnaught’s peaceful planet could return to being the quiet sanctuary it was intended to be. But in a feel-good montage, with Kuiil adeptly working to help the Mandalorian at the nearly impossible task of fixing his decrepit ship, it’s clear the two have become something close to friends.

The Mandalorian in Razor Crest

6. Asleep? Awake?

As the Mandalorian flies off, he seems worried about the slumbering Child at his elbow. Will it survive its ordeal? In a puckish turn, we see the not-so-helpless Child pop its head out of the pram, quietly observant and adorably ready for the journey to come.

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