The Dark Side Greatness of Marvel’s Darth Vader

Writer Kieron Gillen's new comic book series is twisted fun.

Kieron Gillen has a sick mind. And I say that as nothing but a compliment.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

When the folks at Marvel first outlined their plan to have both a monthly Star Wars series and a monthly Darth Vader series running concurrently, I admit I was skeptical. Would we be able to keep the two series from feeling too similar? Would the Darth Vader comic successfully have its own identity, apart from the “flagship” title?

I needn’t have worried, because the answer is most definitely yes — although, if you read both titles, you will see elements from one series pop up in the other, as the series are not just being published concurrently, but they take place concurrently as well. No need to worry if you’re strictly a fan of the Dark Lord, though — Darth Vader can also be read on its own with no problems.

The series kicks off with Vader paying a visit to a certain Hutt we all know and loathe — and the combination of the writing and the artwork makes you feel like you’re there — but then we’re taken on a ride to places we’ve never been. You are about to embark upon a twisted journey, one carefully crafted by Mr. Gillen and lavishly illustrated (the artwork in this book is amazing) by Salvador Larroca. I feel like Rod Serling standing at the foreground of your television screen, warning you of what is just beyond that door! Okay, I promise it’s not really that creepy — the last thing I want to do is scare you off — but just know that you are in store for something cool and different and compelling.

I should take a moment to acknowledge the Lucasfilm Story Group here, as well. Whenever I get in a new pitch or a new script from Kieron, my note to the Story Group is usually along the lines of, “This is kind of crazy…but I like it! Think we can do it?” Thankfully, the answer is often yes. I’m particularly glad we’ll be able to showcase some of the original characters Kieron has conceived. The Darth Vader series will have a motley gallery of criminals all its own, apart from the menacing presence at its center. I hope you enjoy reading about them all as much as I do.

So take a walk on the dark side with us! You’ll see some incredible sights along the way.

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