Make Your Old Star Wars Comics Picture Perfect

A one-of-a-kind Star Wars decoration for photos strong with the Force.

Make your own unique piece of Star Wars memorabilia celebrating a galaxy far, far away while also honoring special family memory. Find a copy of a Star Wars comic book featuring one of your favorite characters  or track down a beat-up vintage comic for a striking look. Then it’s time to get crafting! Here’s the how-to.

What You’ll Need*

  • Wooden photo frame
  • Star Wars comic book (vintage or recent)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Decoupage glue
  • Paint brush

*The activities in this article should only be done with adult supervision.

Get Started!

Begin by finding a Star Wars comic book that you don’t mind ripping pages out of. Older comics, like this 1978 issue, can be found in bargain bins at your local comic book shop or convention. You can also pick up a recent comic, like Doctor Aphra or Poe Dameron, if Dad is a fan of the new faces in Star Wars.

A vintage Star Wars Marvel comic.

Find two facing pages that would make a picture-perfect scene for the frame, and carefully rip them from the comic book.

Trim the extra white spaces around the panels on the two pages to fit them together seamlessly on the frame.

Arrange the first page on the front of the frame, and then flip it over to mark the opening of the frame with a pencil.

A wooden picture frame, a pencil, and a page torn from a comic book.

Make small cuts in the page where you marked it so that you can wrap the paper around the frame without it bunching.

Line up the other page as well as you can.


Trace the opening of the frame on the page that covers it completely, and cut it out, leaving enough room to wrap the paper around the inside of the frame.

A wooden picture frame on top of a page from a comic book.

Use the decoupage glue to glue both pages to the front of the frame.

Panels torn from comic books are glued to a wooden picture frame.

Use the decoupage glue on the outside and inside edges of the frame, and wrap the pages around the frame. You may need to make small cuts to wrap it around the corners without bunching.

A paintbrush and glue, next to the corner of a wooden picture frame.

Paint a layer of decoupage glue on the front of the frame, completely covering the paper, to keep it from tearing and give it a shiny look. (If you notice any edges of the paper that aren’t secured, glue them down.)

Repeat with a second layer.

A bottle of glue, a paint brush, and a picture frame wrapped in comic book pages.

Let the decoupage glue dry completely, and your frame is complete.

A wooden picture frame wrapped in Star Wars comic book pages.

Most impressive! You now have the coolest frame in the galaxy.

Kelly Knox is a freelance writer who loves creating crafts with her daughter. Follow her on Twitter at @kelly_knox, and take a look at her blog the st{art} button for more Star Wars art projects and craft ideas.

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