Sith Lords and Cyborgs Clash in Darth Vader #6

Star Wars heroes and villains seek to tie up some loose ends!

Darth Vader’s mad, and that’s not a good thing for anybody.

Following his failure to prevent the destruction of the Death Star, Lord Vader’s quest for redemption has taken him to the Outer Rim territory, where he must lead a personal army of battle droids against a team of cybernetic warriors created by his own master, Emperor Palpatine. Scroll down for images of Darth Vader #6, and witness the Sith Lord toy around with his adversaries.

Also next week be sure to check out Star Wars #6, which concludes the series’ opening story arc and finds Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker on a collision course, as well as Princess Leia #4 , where Leia attempts to save the surviving citizens of Alderaan from the Empire. All Star Wars, all the time.