SDCC 2015: Star Wars Collectibles Panel Liveblog

Join us for a live discussion on the latest in Star Wars collectibles! Team July 10, 20151:35 pm

Now raffling off some prizes to fans! That’s a wrap, folks. Thanks for joining us! Team July 10, 20151:34 pm

Will there be more Jumbo Star Wars figures from other toy lines? Maybe, but they want to do more classic Kenner first. Team July 10, 20151:33 pm

Fan questions! Will Tamashii do anything with Chewie and Han? It’s under consideration….maybe Chewbacca as a Japanese yeti? Team July 10, 20151:32 pm Team July 10, 20151:30 pm Team July 10, 20151:29 pm

Considering an AT-AT walker as a horse, and Leia in a kimono! Team July 10, 20151:27 pm

Fuedal Japan Foot Soldiers, Vader, and Boba Fett are coming! Team July 10, 20151:27 pm Team July 10, 20151:25 pm

With their Movie Realization line, they are reimagining Star Wars through a samurai aesthetic. Team July 10, 20151:24 pm

Now onto Tamashii Nations! They’re going for articulation and creative use of materials. Team July 10, 20151:23 pm Team July 10, 20151:22 pm

More droids are coming, including TC-14 in fall 2015! Plus the Utapau Trooper! They will be Barnes & Noble exclusives. Team July 10, 20151:22 pm Team July 10, 20151:21 pm

Look for the AT-AT Driver in December 2015! Comes with multiple arms for three different poses. Team July 10, 20151:20 pm

A Snowtrooper two-pack is coming October 2015! Team July 10, 20151:20 pm

Now on to Kotobukiya! Team July 10, 20151:18 pm Team July 10, 20151:17 pm Team July 10, 20151:16 pm

Darth Maul, Jango Fett, and a Jawa two-pack are also in the works. Team July 10, 20151:14 pm

The McQuarrie series Vader, Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett are in the works! Prototypes look fantastic. Another McQuarrie Vader is also coming — concept art shown. Team July 10, 20151:13 pm

Now onto Sideshow! Team July 10, 20151:12 pm

A Gamestop-exclusive Darth Vader bust is coming as well! Team July 10, 20151:11 pm

Also in the jumbo Kenner line is a life-size R2-D2 in vintage style. Team July 10, 20151:10 pm

A Leia bust is in the works! Team July 10, 20151:10 pm

Gentle Giant has now shown their protoype Boba Fett mini bust, jumbo Kenner-style Jabba (including a video on making the mold), Mandalorian bookends, and new Han and Luke busts. Team July 10, 20151:07 pm

EFX has shown a new Imperial Guard helmet and stunning Yoda puppet. Team July 10, 20151:06 pm

Welcome! We’re here with members of EFX, Gentle Giant, and more to see what’s next in the world of Star Wars collectibles!