NYCC 2018: 6 Things We Learned at the Star Wars Hasbro Panel

General Grievous, Doctor Aphra, and Clone Wars Obi-Wan join the Black Series, plus more!

A Hasbro panel at an event like New York Comic Con can mean only one thing: invasion. Of our action figure shelves, that is. At Sunday’s panel, Hasbro’s Patrick Schneider, senior brand manager, and Steve Evans, design director, announced some exciting additions to the Black Series and beyond.

Hasbro's The Black Series Doctor Aphra.

1. Doctor Aphra, Triple Zero, and BT-1 are coming to the Black Series. The official announcement that Doctor Aphra, Triple Zero, and Bee-Tee would be joining the Black Series line sent loud cheers throughout the panel room. Aphra’s Black Series figure will have more detail and articulation than the Vintage Collection version that was also recently revealed. On the larger version, both her vest and cap are removable as a nod to how each artist in the comics draws her differently and to allow for some variation, they said.

2. And the murder droids have some upgrades. Triple Zero has articulated elbows like the 4-LOM figure, hands with posable fingers so they can grip, and an adjusted leg length. Meanwhile, Bee-Tee has revised pop out arms with new weapons, or “refinements for this collection,” as Schneider called them. Expect to see all three on store shelves this summer.

Hasbro's The Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi in Clone Wars armor.

3. Hello there. Obi-Wan’s clone armor look from Genndy Tartakovsky’s animated Clone Wars series kicks off next year’s prequel celebration and joins the line-up with the clone armor based off the film style. The Imperial Rocket Trooper, as seen in Star Wars Rebels and Battlefront II, and Luke Skywalker, in his stormtrooper disguise and fresh out of the garbage compactor, will be exclusives available in the spring. And some will come with a brand new triangular stand.  “I call it a slipper but everyone laughs at me,” Evans said. It allows for a better center of balance and for figures to be posed more dynamically.

Hasbro's The Black Series General Grievous.

4. The Black Series is growing… shorter than we expected. The often requested General Grievous is finally joining the Black Series.“It is the one I get pinned up against the wall and people say, ‘Oy Evans, make this figure. Where is it?’” Evans said. General Grievous will be available in the spring for $29.99, and with a slightly larger box. Grievous comes with four lightsabers and his limbs can split into four. His red and gray cape also has pockets to fit the lightsaber hilts should you choose to display him without a weapon in hand.

5. The Black Series Archive line is bringing back three classics this summer. Jedi Master Yoda, Revenge of the Sith-era Anakin Skywalker, and a Scout Trooper sans speeder bike are all returning to toy shelves, and this time with Hasbro’s Photo Real paint technology.

6. And the Vintage Collection continues to grow. A new figure in the image of Luke Skywalker projecting himself into battle on Crait appeared right into the middle of the line up on screen, eliciting excitement from the audience. Expect to see him on shelves in the spring. Also in addition to the Scarif trooper, Klaatu, Yakface, and Boushh Leia, and the Gamorrean guard revealed on Thursday, fans can also collect Han Solo in stormtrooper disguise this spring as well as the 41st Elite Corps Trooper and the newly announced Imperial Assault Tank Commander.

Hasbro still has eight more figures to reveal as a part of the Spring 2019 wave so stay tuned. And check out a full gallery below:

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