A Common Enemy Unites Old Friends in Marvel’s Bounty Hunters #4 – Exclusive Preview

The enemy of Beilert Valance's enemy is now his friend. Sort of.

Restraining bolts aren’t just for mischievous droids. They also work on cyborgs.

In StarWars.com’s first look at Marvel’s Bounty Hunters #4, the cybernetic Beilert Valance is reunited with T’onga, the human bounty hunter, joining forces as they both try to settle a debt with the leader of their old crew, Nakano Lash. T’onga, who lost her twin brother as a result of Lash’s actions, isn’t taking any chances trusting Valance just because they have a common enemy. And while he readily gives up the name of the planet where Lash is hiding — Ruusan — they aren’t the only people in the galaxy who are hot on Lash’s trail, thanks to Bossk’s loose reptilian lips.

Bounty Hunters #4, from writer Ethan Sacks and artist Paolo Villanelli, with a cover byLee Bermejo, arrives August 19 and is available for pre-order now.

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