Exclusive Preview: The Star Wars #1

Artwork from the comic book The Star Wars #1, based on George Lucas' early drafts of Star Wars, shows various characters wielding blasters and lightsabers with the Death Star looming in the background.

In May 1974, George Lucas wrote a rough-draft script called The Star Wars. While not quite the story we would come to know three years later, it contains early strands of Star Wars‘ DNA, including the “Jedi-Bendu” and “Knights of the Sith,” eventually evolving into the space-fantasy fairy tale that would change filmmaking forever. But fans have long wondered: What would The Star Wars have looked like?

Finally, we’ll get an answer. The Star Wars will come to life via an eight-issue comic book miniseries from Dark Horse, written by J.W. Rinzler and illustrated by Mike Mayhew, with issue #1 hitting comic book shops on September 4.

StarWars.com is proud to present this exclusive preview of The Star Wars #1, featuring a first look at the issue’s stunning variant covers, interior pages, and a special trailer.


The Star Wars Cover A The Star Wars Cover B
The Star Wars Cover C The Star Wars Page 1
The Star Wars Page 2 The Star Wars Page 3
The Star Wars Page 4 The Star Wars Page 5
The Star Wars Page 6 The Star Wars Page 7

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