From a Certain Point of View: Which Star Wars Character Would You Invite Over for the Holidays?

This Life Day, consider inviting Chewbacca to your own holiday feast or even Luke's Aunt Beru!

One of the great things about Star Wars is that it inspires endless debates and opinions on a wide array of topics. Best bounty hunter? Most powerful Jedi? Does Salacious Crumb have the best haircut in the saga? In that spirit, presents From a Certain Point of View: a series of point-counterpoints on some of the biggest — and most fun — Star Wars issues. In this installment, two writers celebrate Life Day and prepare for this galaxy’s holiday season by putting the finishing touches on their guest lists.

Chewbacca in Solo

Inviting Chewbacca over for the holidays is a no-brainer, says Kristen.

The holidays are always made better with large quantities of food from every end of the nutrition spectrum and Chewie is always thinking with his stomach. So, you can be sure he’ll bring the best food with him to feast on and with his extensive travels, he’s bound to have fantastic recipes to share! Minus the roasted porg, of course.

This is also the perfect opportunity to bring Life Day festivities as a new tradition for any holiday gathering! Chewbacca comes from a long line of Life Day celebrations and he knows how to party. This time of year includes celebrations across all cultures and Chewie can teach us about Life Day, a celebration of family, joy, and harmony – all wonderful qualities that our beloved furry friend possesses and then some. Sometimes Chewie might not make it home to his family in time for the holiday season and having him over would mean he wouldn’t have to spend the holidays alone. Spending time with your found family can be just as memorable.

Chewie and Ahsoka in "Wookiee Hunt"

Wookiees have a long lifespan and that means lots of excellent stories to tell. Chewbacca has been around the galaxy for well over 200 years so he has a few tales to spare around the table this holiday season. From the droid attack on the Wookiees, being part of two Death Star destructions, and fighting alongside the Resistance against the First Order; Chewie will command the room while we feast on our Bantha Surprise.

He’ll have first-hand accounts on all of our favorite heroes! What really made Han Solo turn around and go back to help Luke Skywalker destroy the first Death Star? What was it like leading fellow Wookiees into battle against the Separatist Army on Kashyyyk and then experiencing the fall of the Republic? Who’s a better co-pilot: Han or Rey?

Chewbacca pats Han Solo on the back while they look out on the ocean.

Of course, with his experience comes sad stories to share. Chewie has loved and lost more than most. Although the holidays are meant to be a joyous occasion, it can be a time of somber reflection on those we have lost along the way. What better way to honor those we lost than to tell stories about them?

Chewbacca has a lot of wisdom, insight, and heart. This lovable furball is the perfect Star Wars character to spend the holidays with!

Aunt Beru

Get this walking carpet out of my way! I’m inviting Luke Skywalker’s beloved aunt, Beru Lars, says Jenn.

The holidays are meant to be a magical time with friends and family gathering over a delicious feast. But sometimes, the holidays end up feeling like ‘tis the season to be stressed out. That is why if I could invite any Star Wars character over for the holidays, it would be Beru Lars. You can always count on her to bring a cheerful spirit and her famous blue milk cheese on a charcuterie plate.

Aunt Beru is the kind of dinner guest who shows up a little early just so she can help set the table or prep the Porgin Pie. In fact, Beru is the type of guest that calls the night before to ask, “Do you need anything for tomorrow, dear?” To which you tearfully exclaim, “Yes! I’ve never cooked a Bantha Rump Roast before, how do you make yours so tender?” She shares some of the tricks she learned years ago from Chef Gormaanda. You both laugh when she says, “Of course, cooking is always easier if you have four arms.”

Aunt Beru and Luke

The next day Beru arrives an hour early to your holiday party with a batch of freshly made Hoth chocolate. She gives you a big hug, tells you she is there to help, and quickly ties on an apron and gets to work. Beru has a way of making everyone around her feel comfortable. She’s nurturing and a natural caretaker, but she’s also unflappable and level headed. She might tell stories about Tatooine and the one time they had a run-in with an Inquisitor. Nothing phases Beru in a moment of crisis, whether it’s salvaging your burnt Endorian Tip-Yip or protecting young Luke Skywalker in her homestead. She’s always ready to spring into action.

When the dinner guests arrive, you can count on Beru welcoming them and playing surrogate host, while you frantically plate the Pastry Puffer Pigs in the kitchen. Beru, of course, gets along with everyone. And when the Mandalorians start battling over the last piece of pie, she knows exactly what to say to diffuse the situation.

Aunt Beru, Owen Lars, Anakin, and Padme sit around a table

When the night is over, you hear Beru in the kitchen washing dishes, while Owen snoozes on the couch. You didn’t ask her to help you clean up, but she’s the type of person that is good at reading cues. “Go sit down, relax,” she insists as she shoos you out of the kitchen. Beru has a way of being gentle yet firm, so you follow her orders and plop down on the couch.

When it’s time for her to leave, she puts on her coat and says, “Everything was wonderful, dear. You cooked the rump roast to perfection.” Owen grunts in agreement. After exchanging a warm hug goodbye, she looks at you and smiles. “Let’s do it again next year.” You agree. You wistfully watch the couple walk out the door hoping you won’t have to wait that long to see her again.

Which Star Wars character makes the cut on your holiday guest list? Tweet us your response @StarWars!

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