Why Bor Gullet Freaks Me Out More Than Anything Else in Star Wars

Bor Gullet will know the truth.

“The thing in the shadows repelled him, offended him on a level too intimate for words.” — Rogue One: A Star Wars Story novelization by Alexander Freed

In a galaxy filled with strange and unusual creatures, Bor Gullet stands out (slithers out?) as the creepiest. 

Star Wars certainly has its share of creatures that go bump in the dark, from the shrieking mynocks in the depths of a cavernous asteroid to the snarling vexis lurking in the dim caves beneath the sands of Pasaana. But none are as sinister and spine-tingling as Bor Gullet, which made its unforgettable debut in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. And as it’s the season for all things creepy, it seemed an appropriate time to talk about why.

Bor Gullet concept art by Ivan Manzella

Bor Gullet concept art by Ivan Manzella.

Bor Gullet concept art by Ivan Manzella

Bor Gullet concept art by Ivan Manzella.

Bor Gullet is so mysterious that we don’t have a lot of details about it, either in the galaxy far, far away nor our own. Flipping through the Rogue One: Ultimate Visual Guide yields no clues; only here on StarWars.com can you find a little information gathered by intrepid writer Amy Ratcliffe. The lack of information only makes the inscrutable creature all the more terrifying.

Bor Gullet is shrouded in mystery. Which planet in the dark reaches of the galaxy does it call home? How did Bor Gullet and Saw Gerrera first cross paths? And is it in league with the Partisans by choice? The answers to these questions might remain secrets forever buried in the ruins of Jedha.

The first time I saw it come out of the shadows in Saw Gerrera’s hideout, I wished it had stayed there. With undulating tentacles and a massive, slick body, all it took was one look and its ghastly appearance was locked in my memory forever. (The rancor and wampa look almost cute in comparison.)

Bor Gullet attacking Bodhi Rook

But more frightening than its appearance is what it can do. Bodhi Rook experienced it firsthand — Bor Gullet can rip away your memories and your sanity with just the slimy touch of a tentacle. Beloved memories of days past. Priceless moments of joy. Hidden secrets long buried. They’re all there for Bor Gullet to take without mercy.

Creatures in Star Wars looking to snack on our favorite heroes are definitely scary; from the dianoga in the trash compactor’s murky liquid to the opee sea killer in the depths of Naboo’s deep waters, they act on instinct to attack. But none have Bor Gullet’s particular appetite and abilities. Worst of all, there’s no defense to its assault, so all of your most horrible nightmares and treasured memories are laid bare, feeding Bor Gullet’s unending taste for strong emotions.

Bor Gullet in Rogue One

It’s clear that once you face this creature, you’re never the same after. Bodhi Rook recovered long enough to become an invaluable member of the Rebellion, but who knows what visions would have plagued him for the months and years to follow? Bor Gullet adds a whole new level of scary to Star Wars, making it the most terrifying creature in the galaxy.

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