Cool Your Circuits with This BB-8 Affogato Recipe

Celebrate International Coffee Day with a recipe that's one of a kind.

International Coffee Day is today, September 29, a day when we celebrate our love of coffee around the world. What better ambassador on this most caffeinated day, than everyone’s favorite energetic domed astromech, BB-8!
A BB-8 affogato.

The New Republic droid makes the perfect companion to a scoop of cold, delicious ice cream. Once he’s doused with a piping hot shot of espresso, you’ll have the most delicious caffeinated treat in the galaxy.

BB-8 Affogato

You’ll need:
1 BB-8 silicone mold
4 ounces coffee, cooled

1 scoop coffee ice cream
1 ounce hot espresso

Coffee is poured into a BB-8 silicon mold.

Pour the cooled coffee into the BB-8 silicone mold. Place it in the freezer for 6-8 hours or until solid.

In a small cup place one scoop of coffee ice cream.

Hot espresso is poured over a frozen coffee BB-8 which sits in a dish of coffee ice cream.

Remove the BB-8 from the mold and place on top of the coffee ice cream. Pour over the hot espresso to serve. Move, ball…into coffee deliciousness.

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