Andor Analyzed: 5 Highlights from Episode 10, “One Way Out”

Kino Loy rallies the prisoners of Narkina 5 for a fight for their lives.

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Spoiler warning: This article contains story details and plot points from the tenth episode of Andor, “One Way Out.”

Floor manager Kino Loy was good at his job. He kept his men in line. He helped the Empire maintain production quotas on Narkina 5. But something in Loy has shattered, and with the knowledge that there’s no hope of release other than escape, a plan is starting to form that will take Cassian and the rest of the inmates to the brink.

Here are five highlights from the latest episode of Andor.

Kino Loy talking with Cassian Andor

1. Rumors confirmed.

Kino Loy tried to be the best floor manager he could be under excruciating circumstances at Narkina 5. But everyone has a breaking point and after watching his friend Ulaf die and learning the dark truth about the Empire’s release schedule, he hits it. “No one is getting out! They’re not letting us go. Ever.”

Mon Mothma and Davo Sculdun having drinks

2. Drinks with Davo.

There’s been some criticism that Mon Mothma is kicking back enjoying her fancy parties while the rest of the burgeoning rebellion gets its hands dirty, but funding the efforts is no small task. If you thought her husband, Perrin, was bad, the oligarch Davo Sculdun makes Fertha look like a friendly scoundrel. And if Mon wants Davo’s help, her teenage daughter’s hand in marriage to his son is the price.

Narkina-5 prisoners gather in hallway

3. Prison riot!

Cassian’s secret sawing has been building toward a flood that would render the electrified floors useless. With only 12 guards versus some 700 prisoners on each level — and nearly 5,000 total prisoners in the facility, — the odds are against the Imperial enforcers. After the tension building since Cassian’s arrival at Narkina 5, the exuberance of the prisoners climbing toward freedom had us on the edge of our seats cheering them every step of the way, a release punctuated masterfully by Kino’s rousing speech!

4. Kino can’t swim.

In a heartbreaking reveal, Kino Loy leads his men all the way to the exit only to tell Cassian, “I can’t swim.” As inmates leap to freedom in the choppy waters below, Loy’s final moments are left in shadow.

Lonnie Jung in dark lower levels

5. Traitor!

We’ve barely noticed ISB agent Lonni Jung at the briefing where Dedra Meero has been taking center stage, but in the dim light of the lower levels of Coruscant, we recognize his face. He’s hoping to resign from the rebellion having served his dues, but like the Imperial prisoners have recently discovered, he’ll be working for the rebel fighters indefinitely.

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