Fall Of The Republic

A young Cassian Andor

Although he's long claimed to be from the world of Fest, Cassian was once known as Kassa on Kenari. A lush jungle planet all-but destroyed by a mining accident, Kassa and his sister, Kerri, lived among a tribe of youngsters who survived on the untamed planet. When he was adopted by Maarva and Clem Andor at the age of 9, Cassian left Kenari behind, but could not shake thoughts of his sister.

Cassian Andor on Luthen's ship

On Ferrix, the young man grew up answering to the name Cassian Andor among his friends and neighbors. But Cassian understood the power of keeping a low profile. During a heist on Aldhani, he asked his fellow rebels to simply call him "Clem." Lying low in the aftermath of that mission, he adopted the alias "Keef Girgo" to avoid Imperial attention while vacationing on the resort world of Niamos.