5 Things Star Wars Fans Will Love at Funko HQ

StarWars.com speaks to Funko about their most impressive new store and fan space.

Just north of Seattle, the city of Everett, Washington, is home to a place unlike any other. Funko HQ is playfully packed with Pop!, plush, purses, photo ops, and more, along with breathtaking displays that can’t be found anywhere else. Described as a pop-culture hub, the HQ is not only a sprawling retail space for the incredibly cute figures and accessories Funko is known for, but also a place where Funko fans can build community along with their collections.

Star Wars fans in particular will find much to love inside Funko HQ’s colorful walls. Here are just a few sights and sounds you shouldn’t miss when you step inside Funko’s Star Wars wonderland, with insights from Rob Schwartz, designer and manager of the Funko store’s construction.

Funko stormtroopers with Darth Vader in the background flank the icy walls of Echo Base in Funko's HQ store and fan space.

1. Enter Echo Base on Hoth — and you won’t even need to bring a sweater.

Funko HQ’s Star Wars display is the most incredible re-creation of the Battle of Hoth you’ll probably ever see. With shimmery, icy walls, Luke Skywalker hanging upside-down above your head, and Darth Vader and Imperial troops poised to enter, you might feel like you came out of lightspeed too close to the Hoth system. But don’t worry: It’s warm and inviting inside this Echo Base.

So why did Funko choose Echo Base for their home base? “We knew we wanted an action scene,” says Rob Schwartz. “Sean Wilkinson, Funko’s senior art director, came up with a Hoth concept.

“Unlike other iconic locations like the Death Star or the Mos Eisley cantina, the Hoth setting made the most sense for us to have both rebel and Imperial forces. It worked well in the enormous space we had to work with.”

Star Wars Funko Pop! Luke and Wampa toys.

2. Snap a photo with the most adorable wampa ever.

You can’t miss the towering wampa in the middle of the Hoth display. This particular wampa inspires both “aww” and awe, designed in the delightful Funko style but still baring some nasty, pointy teeth. The one-of-a-kind statue and photo op is the one thing Schwartz says is a must-see for any Star Wars fans who have made the trek to Funko HQ.

“I am confident they will not find an indoor two-story ice cave with a giant wampa Pop! anywhere else in the world,” he says.

A Funko Chewbacca stands in Funko's HQ store and fan space.

3. Listen for the sounds of the Star Wars universe.

Funko HQ isn’t just a treat for the eyes, but also for the ears. Star Wars fans who pause in the middle of their shopping spree will hear some very familiar sounds, from the iconic hiss of Darth Vader’s mask to the unmistakable growls of Chewbacca.

But of course, there’s plenty to catch your eye as well. Like the other displays in the store, the Star Wars section makes incredible use of dynamic lighting: the colors of the lights change depending on what time of day you visit Echo Base.

And while most of the displays in the store are permanent, you can visit throughout the year for a few surprises. “We have plans already in play to add details, change characters, and decorate for holidays,” Schwartz says. “We want to make sure all the Funatics get to see the current iteration, but we definitely want to keep toying with the space.”

A Funko Han Solo rides a tauntaun in Funko's HQ store and fan space.

4. Complete your Star Wars Pop! collection.

At Funko HQ, you’ll probably spot that one Star Wars Pop! you’ve been hunting forever just sitting there on the shelf. While you won’t find figures exclusive to specific retailers — like Target’s Bodhi Pop!, for example — you will find just about all of the non-exclusive Star Wars Pop! in one handy (and amazing) place.

You’ll also be tempted to pick up T-shirts, bags, and wallets from Loungefly, blind bags with small figures, and more.

A Funko Pop! Darth Vader helmet with red eyes.

5. Connect with the collecting community.

Funko sees their new HQ as a home base for collectors and the collecting community. It’s already been used as a meeting spot for collecting groups, and fans traveled from across the world for the grand opening of the store in August.

Funko even plans to host creative classes for kids in art and design in the near future, and has other plans in the works to keep adding to and improving the HQ experience. “We are all very excited about the upcoming Pop! Factory debut,” says Schwartz. “Just think of the unlimited combinations of custom Pop! possibilities!

“Above all, we want the Funko HQ store to be a haven for Funko fans everywhere.”

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