5 Life Lessons from Star Wars Rebels

Discover the wisdom within a grumpy astromech droid and more!

The midseason finale of Season Two of Star Wars Rebels is almost here, and given the timing, it seemed like a fine occasion to look back at what we’ve learned from the series so far. We’ve watched the Ghost crew go from fighting the Empire on Lothal to fighting the Empire across the galaxy. They’ve joined the bigger battle to help push Emperor Palpatine out of power, and they’re winning small victories. The crew of the Ghost has lost, too, but hope keeps them moving forward. Never quitting is maybe one of the biggest lessons to take away from Star Wars Rebels, but these five are important, too.

Star Wars Rebels - Vision of Hope - Ghost Crew

1. Better together.
When we first met Ezra, he was alone on Lothal. He got by and was reluctant to join the Ghost crew. He’s come a long way since then; he’s part of the family now. He probably would have continued to live an okay life on his home planet, but by leaving with the crew, he found purpose. Surrounding yourself with friends and family can help you discover your true self. And it’s never a bad thing to have people around to call you out when you make less than great decisions.

Star Wars Rebels - Darth Vader

2. Know when to run.
Some fights can’t be won, and it’s a valuable skill to recognize when the best solution for survival or just for sanity is to turn in the other direction. Kanan and Ezra had to flee from Darth Vader in order to stay alive. He was too powerful. You’re probably not facing Sith Lords on a regular basis, but you can apply this knowledge to fights on the Internet. It’s usually a smart move to walk away.

Star Wars Rebels - Stealth Strike - Rex and Kanan

3. Have multiple mentors.
Since Ezra came aboard the Ghost, Kanan has been training him in the ways of the Jedi. Sort of. Kanan wasn’t able to complete his training because of Order 66, but he’s doing the best that he can. Ezra’s getting guidance from Rex now, too. Having the different perspectives of Kanan and Rex is shaping Ezra’s skills and making him more well-rounded. He thinks like a Jedi and like a soldier. Find mentors in varying fields with different areas of expertise in order to learn the most.

Star Wars Rebels - Broken Horn - Chopper

4. Don’t compromise who you are.
Like most droids we’ve met in the Star Wars universe, Chopper has a distinct personality. It just so happens his traits aren’t always lovable. He grumbles, he’s snarky, and he’s reluctant to help. We all know people like this. Some of us are people like this. Chopper may act gruff, but he’s saved the skins of his fellow crew members time and time again. He doesn’t try to be cuter or friendlier though, and that’s okay. Don’t change who you are for the sake of making a better impression upon others. Real friends will accept you, even if you’re grumpy.

Star Wars Rebels - Fire Across the Galaxy - Sabine's explosion

5. Take pride in your work.
Sabine’s knowledge of explosions goes beyond understanding how they work and how to use them effectively. She’s also aware of how to position them and set them off in ways that create dazzling results. When she detonates the blasts, she pauses (if the situation allows it) to admire her accomplishment. It’s a good reminder to take pride in your work. When you pour a lot of time and thought into a project, stand back, and appreciate what you’ve done.

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