10 of the Best Force Moments

One StarWars.com writer picks 10 favorite Force moments featuring Rey, Luke, Leia, and more!

Whether it’s General Leia flying through space or Master Yoda pulling Luke’s X-wing out of a nasty swamp, if you’re a Star Wars fan, chances are you probably have a favorite Force moment. Tapping into the Force seems personal somehow, as it tends to be symbolic of where the hero or antagonist is on their journey. Today, we’ve picked some of our favorite Force moments from the movies and television shows.

Ezra and Ahsoka, on a walkway in the World between Worlds.

1. Ezra and Ahsoka in the world between worlds. Obi-Wan really knew what he was talking about when he said the Force binds the galaxy together. And I like to think of the world between worlds in Star Wars Rebels as the Force’s central hub. As Ezra makes his way through this mystical plane, he starts hearing the voices of Rey, Yoda, Obi-Wan, and many more, the past, present, and future seemingly interlinked. When it comes to the Force, everybody’s connected in one way or another.

A herd of purrgil, mysterious space whales, follow the Ghost through a cloud.

2. Ezra summoning the herd of Purrgil. While most smugglers and space pirates think of them as a nuisance, Ezra from Star Wars Rebels develops a special Force bond with the Purrgil, mysterious whale-like creatures that can hyperjump through space. From summoning the herd to help him take down Thrawn and liberate Lothal to witnessing a vision in one Purrgil’s eye, his connection with these these intelligent beings is truly unique and something to behold.

Ahsoka Tano, wide-eyed and corrupted by the dark power of the Son.

3. Ahsoka Tano’s possession. In Star Wars: Clone Wars, the Son, who embodies the dark side, tries to turn Anakin by possessing his apprentice. This terrifying moment shows that when wielded in a reckless and disrespectful manner, the Force can be incredibly destructive.

Yoda uses the force in The Empire Strikes Back.

4. Yoda lifting the X-wing. Although Yoda’s display of power is impressive and awe-inspiring, there’s always a lesson to glean from his words and actions. Whether you’re big or small, a royal Princess or a scavenger, the Force lives in everyone.

Princess Leia receives a telepathic message from Luke in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

 5. Leia connecting with Luke. The first time we see Leia using her Force abilities is in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. As Luke dangles below Cloud City, injured and exhausted, he calls out to Leia. Sensing he’s in danger, she gets the Falcon turned around to rescue him.

 6. Chirrut fighting the stormtroopers. Chirrut may not be a Jedi in the traditional sense, but his absolute faith in the Force is a powerful thing to see. When he faces off against a group of stormtroopers in Rogue One, his odds aren’t exactly great. But thanks to his keen hearing, amazing fighting skills, and Force sensitivities, he manages to win the fight. I find myself repeating his mantra whenever I need a boost of motivation or confidence.

Rey takes a lightsaber from Kylo Ren.

 7. Rey taking Luke’s lightsaber from Kylo. With their vibrant lightsabers glowing against the snowy landscape, the duel between Rey and Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens is as beautiful to look at as it is pivotal to the plot. The entire fight is emotionally charged, but my favorite part is when Rey uses the Force to take Luke’s lightsaber from Kylo. I love that she looks a little afraid to wield it. Honestly? I’d be pretty scared, too.

Rey lifts rocks to give the Resistance a way out of Crait.

 8. Rey rescuing the Resistance. This is one of my favorite scenes from Star Wars: The Last Jedi because it’s chock-full of symbolic imagery. As Rey moves the rocks aside on Crait, she’s forging a new path. Armed with the knowledge she’s gained from Luke, she’s able to bear the weight of it all.

Leia in The Last Jedi.

 9. Leia flying through space. When Leia gets sucked out of her ship in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, my heart sank like a stone. That couldn’t have possibly been the end of her, right? But if anyone could survive outer space, it’s General Leia Organa.

Luke Skywalker uses the Force to astrally project an illusion of himself onto Crait.

10. Luke astral projecting himself onto Crait. Ah, Luke. From an idealistic farm boy to a prickly curmudgeon, it’s been a pleasure watching his character grow and change throughout the years. But when he projects a version of himself onto Crait in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It really goes to show you how much we still have to learn about the Force.

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