Where in the Galaxy Are the Worlds of Rogue One?

Learn to find Jedha, Scarif, and more on the map. (Will come in handy for secret missions.)

Last year The Force Awakens brought us a slew of new worlds. As the canvas of the Star Wars galaxy developed, so its map grew. Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Guide built upon the work laid down in 2009’s Star Wars: The Essential Atlas placing the worlds of that film onto the map, alongside long-established planets and hyperspace routes, giving readers and visitors fresh places to explore. Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide does much the same.

A year later, Rogue One is here and with it, a trove of new environments. These worlds are now being folded into the wider galaxy, but in a different way. Unlike The Force Awakens which takes place 32 years after Return of the Jedi, Rogue One is set deep in the heart of the most familiar canonical territory. The adventures and missions that happen in the film inform many of the key elements of the movie that started the saga — A New Hope.

From the familiar fourth moon of Yavin to the rain-sodden soils of Lah’mu, the beaches of Scarif to the Imperial labor camps of Wobani, let’s take a hyperspace tour through the worlds of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.



Outer Rim Territories, Raioballo sector

Lying north of Dantooine and the Myto’s Arrow hyperspace lane, on the edge of the Void of Chopani and the Chopani sector is the storm-battered world of Lah’mu. This is the planet where, with the help of rebel Saw Gerrera, the brilliant scientist Galen Erso hid from the Empire with his wife Lyra and their daughter Jyn. A terraformed world of black soils and little else, it sits within the Raioballo sector with the Veragi sector to the north, Chopani north-east, Myto sector to the west, Clacis south-west and Relgim to the south. The region was hotly contested during the Galactic Civil War with a number of remote worlds believed to be the hidden location of the rebels’ hidden base, including Dantooine, south of the Myto’s Arrow hyperspace lane.

Ring of Kafrene


Expansion Region, Thand sector

Strike out south from Lah’mu and head down the Braxant Run through the Outer Rim to the junction of the Hydian Way at Bandomeer. From there head down through the Mid Rim, the Expansion, the Inner Rim, the Colonies and the Core, staying on the Hydian Way until Brentaal. Cut across to Coruscant, pick up the Corellian Run down to Corellia in the Core Worlds, branch off onto the Corellian Trade Spine and stay on it all the way to Kinyen in the Expansion. (Easy, right?) From there, you are plotting your own route up to the Thand Sector and the asteroid belt known as the Ring of Kafrene. Controlled by the Galactic Empire this striking construction, built during the era of the Old Republic, pulled together two huge asteroids and linked them via vast superstructures. Interconnecting travel systems link the two asteroids and on its surface a sprawling trading area bustles with activity, both legal and illegal. Located in the Thand sector, on the Coreward edges of the Expansion, the Ring of Kafrene is a halfway point for those traveling in to the Core and others seeking sanctuary far away from the interior, much like Takodana to the south in the Tashtor sector across the border in the Mid Rim.



Mid Rim, Bryx sector

From the Ring of Kafrene, be sure to stock up on supplies and check your ship’s in good working order because it’s a long haul to Wobani. Head east, back to the Corellian Trade Spine at Kinyen and travel Coreward until you hit Foless. From there cut across the Foless Crossroads to Allanteen, travel south on the Corellian Run to Gamor and then begin weaving your way north towards Daalang, making sure to steer well clear of Hutt space. Aim for Randon and Kashyyyk before hitting the Perlemian Trade Route at Lantillies and heading Rimward to Abhean before cutting south to Wobani. Upon arrival you will find a harsh, stony world partially hidden by a swirling dust cloud. Deep in the wilds of the Bryx sector and the eastern Mid Rim, the Empire set up a forced labor camp and sends citizens from across the galaxy to work off their various misdemeanors. Gray, uninviting, and with little chance of escape, these prisoners spend their days digging for ores in the hope that someday their debt to society will be repaid.

Yavin 4


Outer Rim Territories, Gordian Reach

A relatively short hop from Wobani, head back to the Perlemian and aim northeast until you hit Columex. Cut west along the Salin Corridor to Botajef in the Belsmuth sector. There head Rimward on the Hydian way up to Junction and head east into the Gordian Reach where you will find the world of Yavin and its fourth moon. Covered in lush jungles, the moon was once home to the Massassi, warriors who constructed the great Massassi Temple where the Alliance to Restore the Republic later made its base. Secluded in the depths of the great Gordian Reach, Yavin and its moons were the perfect location to strike out against the tyranny of the Empire.



Mid Rim, Terrabe sector

Leaving the Gordian Reach, head west back to the Hydian Way at Junction and jump Corewards down to the Colonies and Uviuy Exen. There head west down the Shwuy Exchange to Palanhi and across to Vakkar. From there you are on your own. With many hyperspace routes still to be officially mapped and recognised you’re at the mercy of local astrocartographers and smugglers. Head south-west back across the Colonies, Inner Rim, Expansion and into the Mid Rim and you will finally arrive at the world of NaJedha and its satellite, the holy moon of Jedha. Eternally cold, this world of sand and rock was feted across the galaxy by those who had a spiritual connection to the Force. Pilgrims would travel from across the stars to worship in the ancient city of NiJedha and pilots eager to avoid attention would restock in its ports. Surrounded by numerous uncharted systems, Jedha lay in the Terrabe sector, part of the Freestanding subsectors.



Outer Rim Territories, Bheriz sector

Your next stop is Eadu, on the opposite side of the galaxy. Head out from Jedha back into the interior until you hit N’zoth on the periphery of the Deep Core. Wind north through the Koornacht Cluster to Coruscant and join the Perlemian Trade Route. Stay on the Perlemian all the way to Lantillies, drop south past Kashyyyk down the Randon Run to Randon itself and then head east through Hutt Space along the Pabol Sleheryon past Kessel to Formos. From there, a short jump south along the Triellus Trade Route brings you to Eadu. Situated between the rimward edge of Hutt Space and the very edge of the galaxy itself, Eadu sits in the Bheriz sector, far from the prying eyes of an ever-expanding Empire and falling well within the greedy clutches of the Hutt cartels. Eadu is a storm-stricken, rocky world blighted by almost constant rainfall. A terraforming operation owned by Grand Moff Tarkin, Eadu was the site of a kyber refining facility and as such was of great importance to the Imperial war effort.



Outer Rim Territories, Abrion sector

Our final destination. Head south along the Triellus Trade Route to Syvris and down to Gamorr in the Galov sector. From there it’s a southern jump to Molavar and north up the Manda Merchant Run to Scarif in the Abrion sector. A small world of volcanic island chains and crystal clear shallow seas, this tropical paradise sat above a mantle packed with valuable dense metals essential for starship construction. Making use of its remote location in the southeast Outer Rim, the Empire built its vast Citadel Tower — a major security complex that housed vast databanks containing key Imperial schematics. The Death Star itself switched location from Geonosis to Scarif to complete its construction, while the plans for the battle station were transferred to Citadel Tower.


Thanks to Jason Fry for his assistance in locating positions of planets, moons, and asteroid belts within specific sectors.

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