You Won’t Want to Remove this Mandalorian-inspired Meister Watch

NASA-grade stainless steel plays the role of beskar in a new limited-edition timepiece inspired by the warrior from the Star Wars Disney+ series.

No need to collect a bounty in beskar steel for this one. The adventurous and rugged aesthetic of the titular character from The Mandalorian meets fashionable, functional style in a new inspired timepiece by Meister Watches.

After binging the new live-action Disney+ series, Ryan Pietersz, co-founder of Meister Watches, immediately had a new favorite Star Wars character, he tells The galactic swagger of the show’s star, the mysterious bounty hunter in Mandalorian armor, struck a chord with Pietersz, making his company’s latest project extra special.


The end result, which you can see for the first time here, not only echoes the character’s style and demeanor, but his elusive nature, as well. The exquisite timepiece is a limited edition of 150, each numbered on the back, and is available starting today!

“The Mandalorian’s persona and character is kind of what our brand is about,” says Pietersz. “Meister means being a master in your craft. We see the Mandalorian do that throughout the series, mastering his craft and continuing to build, learn, even foster a child. At Meister, we’re constantly building and evolving.”

Star Wars Meister The Mandalorian inspired watch

Inspiring armor

When given the task of creating a watch based on the Mandalorian himself, Pietersz says he and his team approached it as if they were designing an extension of the character’s signature style. “One of the things we loved about the Mandalorian was his armor,” he explains. “So we made a watch that would look like it fit right in.”

Star Wars Meister The Mandalorian inspired watch

The rounded rectangular watch case may not be beskar — it’s actually a NASA-grade stainless steel — but it certainly looks the part. The six hexagon bolts on the case signify strength and durability. “Mandalorians are buff and have some of the most unique armor in the Star Wars universe,” Pietersz says. “So we really wanted a piece to stand out and be unique from our traditional circular watch designs.”

Star Wars Meister The Mandalorian inspired watch concept art

Beneath a curved, scratch-resistant lens, Easter eggs abound on the watch face. One of the sub dials bears the same shape from Mando’s chest plate, while another spotlights the unmistakable mythosaur skull, a favorite symbol among Mandalorians. The watch hands feature accents of orange and light blue, colors seen on the bounty hunter’s ensemble, with a blue triangle at the top of the dial serving as a nod to the same shape found on Mando’s gloves.

Rise of Skywalker watches

For the watchband, Pietersz and company chose brown suede with a leather backing. “We did that to match his overall brown outfit and cape,” he says. And if you want to make like the Mandalorian and transform the look of your own watch, the band is interchangeable; other options can be found on Meister’s website.

Star Wars Meister droid and sith trooper inspired watchesStar Wars Meister Kylo Ren, C-3PO, and Jedi inspired watches

And, Pietersz notes, the Mandalorian watch builds upon Meister’s continuing collaboration with Lucasfilm and Star Wars. In December, the company released a series of watches based on characters from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, including Kylo Ren, C-3PO, R2-D2, BB-8, D-O, a Sith Trooper, and one watch inspired by the Jedi.

Like the Mandalorian watch, specific references appear on each respective timepiece, from the red cracks on Kylo Ren’s helmet to a web of colored wires in Threepio’s midsection. And just like the brand’s latest piece, each one is available in a limited run.

The full, limited edition line from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the new Mandalorian Meister watch are all available now.

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