The Mandalorian and Kylo Ren Become ‘Legends in 3D’ Thanks to Gentle Giant Ltd.

The heroic gunfighter and villainous dark warrior come home as highly-detailed busts.

Two masked icons of a galaxy far, far away will soon be immortalized via stunning collectibles.

The Mandalorian, the gunfighter with a heart of gold from the Disney+ series of the same name, and Kylo Ren, as depicted in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, are set to join the newly revitalized “Legends in 3D” line of half-scale busts from Gentle Giant Ltd. and Diamond Select Toys. Both measure approximately 10 inches tall and feature intricate detailing, from the battle damage on the Mandalorian’s armor to the fiery red cracks in Ren’s helmet.

The Mandalorian Legends in 3D bust The Mandalorian Legends in 3D bust Kylo Ren Legends in 3D bust Kylo Ren Legends in 3D bust

Star Wars has a history with half-scale busts, and we wanted to capture the sense of grandeur you get in a larger scale,” Chuck Terceira, president of Gentle Giant Ltd. and Diamond Select Toys tells “You can achieve so much more detail, both in sculpting and in paint, and it brings you that much closer to the feeling of being in the movie — it’s not life-size, but it’s certainly life-like. Our designer Joe Allard brings that life to each of his designs for the line, and we’re working with the best sculptors in the business.”

The Mandalorian and Kylo Ren busts are limited edition releases, with only 1,000 pieces of each produced, and are available for pre-order now. Kylo Ren arrives spring 2020, and the Mandalorian will follow in summer 2020.

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