Discover the Art of Star Wars: Legion – Exclusive Reveal

Get your first look inside the pages of the new book celebrating the unique 2014 art project by the same name.

The stormtrooper helmet is an iconic symbol of the Empire and the Star Wars galaxy. But the gleaming white armor can also be seen as a blank canvas.

This summer, uncover more than 200 unique stormtrooper-inspired designs created for Star Wars: Legion, a new book that celebrates the art project by the same name. The deluxe art book from Insight Editions chronicles the Star Wars: Legion project, featuring original artwork from creatives working for Lucasfilm, Disney, Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar, and Marvel Studios. The task was simple — decorate, adorn, or transform a blank, vinyl stormtrooper helmet — but the result was extraordinary, with artists creating dozens of radically unique helmets that went on display at the Robert Vargas Gallery in Los Angeles, California, in 2014.

In addition to cataloguing this achievement, the deluxe art book kit invites fans to join the ranks of creative customizers with a blank bucket all their own.

Today, is excited to give you an exclusive first look inside the pages of Star Wars: Legion.

Star Wars: Legion's front cover Star Wars: Legion's front and back cover Star Wars: Legion's Carbonite helmet Star Wars: Legion's Maleficent helmet Star Wars: Legion's ice cream helmet Star Wars: Legion's Iron Man helmet Star Wars: Legion's Yellow Submarine helmet

Pre-order a copy of Star Wars: Legion before it arrives June 21, 2022 or pick up a copy early during Star Wars Celebration Anaheim May 26-29.  Fans who purchase Star Wars: Legion at Star Wars Celebration can bring their proof of purchase to the Insight Editions’ booth #2211 to collect a limited-edition poster featuring all of the decorated helmets featured inside the new tome.

Learn more about this and other news in the latest episode of This Week! In Star Wars below.

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